Jaeger purple skinny scarf

Had one 50g ball of this fantastic but sadly discontinued silk in purple which limits the options somewhat in terms of what can be made – so thought a skinny scarf would get the most mileage.

Jaeger purple skinny scarf
Yarn: Jaeger silk 4ply, 1x50g ball
Sticks: 4mm bamboo
Time: started in April 2006, finished in early June 2006 – in between a heap of other projects
Pattern: customised a vintage glove pattern from Jane Waller’s A Stitch in Time (published in the 70s) – picked up the pattern (a 12 row repeat) but had to experiment a few times to get the edging right – lots of ripping back and starting again (and I hate that) but I’m pretty happy with the end result – a good length (nearly 2m) and the right level of skinniness!

Now I have two balls of this silk in a beautiful deep red which I have to decide what to do with…I’m thinking a crochet scarf with circles joined by chain strings at random intervals. Will sketch it out and see how it looks…



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2 responses to “Jaeger purple skinny scarf

  1. ohhh it looks lovely! I love jaeger silk, I have some of it still and use it for baby knits which is so soft but might use a ball for a scarf now I’ve seen yours, stunning!

  2. That is a gorgeous pattern. Wow!

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