Prize giving

Yesterday I received my 10 year prize at work (it is a length of service recognition) – a $500 gift voucher at David Jones!! I had completely forgotten about my anniversary – very unlike me! Goes to show how busy I’ve been at work recently! So my dilemma is – do I buy a pair of the superfantastic shoes now, or do I wait until DJs has a 25% off sale (which they seem to do reasonably regularly, and get more bang for my buck) or do I wait for the post-Christmas sales and get 2 or possibly 3 pairs of the fantastic shoes (but quite possibly not the superfantastic shoes), and by waiting go without the joy of wearing them between now and then…

Of course, husby thinks we should spend it on something far more practical (and mundane and less rewarding) such as outdoor furniture for the deck…

What to do, what to do?????

(And of course I say all of this fully recognising how lucky I am that this is the current big issue I face in my very fortunate life).

To change the subject, I never really intended to be one of those knitting ladies surrounded by cats, who talks (and posts) of nothing but knitting and her cat/s. But of course I have succumbed to the lure of posting pics of my Nelly and I’m going to again – here she is all schmoopy on my lap.

At least I post about shoes from time to time…



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3 responses to “Prize giving

  1. wow,you’ve worked for the same people for 10 years?shopping! yay

  2. Buy the shoes! BUY THEN NOW!!! You deserve them. xxPS: Don’t u DARE buy outdoor furniture (sorry husby).

  3. KO

    Congratulations on your 10 years! Sensible KO sayd buy the outdoor furniture so I have somewhere to sit when it warms up. Shopping loving KO wants to know if you would like a shopping buddy?

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