My knitting bookshelf

As if to prove my point (point 7 in fact), I confess this is my knitting/crochet bookshelf (there’s a cross-stitch and embroidery book lurking there too as references but as yet unused).

I’m not quite sure when it really started to grow, but I think the last 12 months in particular has been a fertile time for my knitting book obsession. And of course my Amazon wish list has a few more items on it (ok, over 20), including Mason-Dixon which I have not been able to find anywhere in Sydney yet, and the Barbara Walker treasury books and the Elizabeth Zimmermans, so I can see what Zimmermania is all about! Lucky my birthday is coming up (and of course, Christmas!). I think I shall have to make myself a little birthday purchase soon…



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5 responses to “My knitting bookshelf

  1. I have a bunch of those! I got the first Barbara Walker treasury on Monday (from Amazon) and was so impressed that I immediately ordered number 2.

  2. Wow.You could always start a Lending Library.

  3. Hi froma wet and windy North Wales, welcom to KNIT 1BLOG.My book collection has had a lot added this year also ; know what you mean about the Amazon wish list and now I am into spinning and want to start felting to use up any excess fleece its getting even bigger

  4. Hi, I got 3 Elizabeth Zimmermann books this week from Aus Ebay (and another one coming from Amazon), and they are AWESOME!! 🙂

  5. This is a serious addiction, you might find yourself homeless with only your knitting books to keep you warm but at least they will be good company.

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