Sticks and needles

Husby went to Canberra on the weekend to go to a Halloween party held by people he used to work with. On the way back on Sunday, he stopped off at a market and bought a little something for me:

My mother thinks that “tortoiseshell” sticks are the best to knit with and has already given me some of hers. Of course, she’s coming from a time when the alternatives were metal or coloured plastic, always straights, no bamboo or circulars – there are so many more options now. But they are light and flexible and come in short lengths which is good for small items. This is a good bunch, some odd ones but that’s ok. Mainly 3.25mm and 4mm which are good sizes.

The Harbour Bridge needle book actually still has some needles inside, although they are mostly gone. Interestingly, it was made in Germany. I think it must have been made either at the time the Bridge opened or in the early thirties, although I guess it could be possibly from the fifties…



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4 responses to “Sticks and needles

  1. Jan

    I have some vintage tortoiseshell DPS that I have used and I really like them. They are wicked sharp! The only reason I don’t use them more is because they are a little long for socks. Enjoy yours!

  2. $15 for all those needles! Bargain!How lucky are you to have such a thoughtful partner! The font on the packet artwork looks circa 1930s to me..fab!

  3. Wow tortoise-shell needles — super fancy! Looks like they’d be nice to knit with.

  4. del

    Isn’t that thoughtful of hubby? Wow, I wish he’d talk to mine. Nice needles!

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