What I learnt on the weekend, pt III

On the weekend, I learnt that it is not a good idea to wet-block Rowan All-Seasons Cotton when it is cold and rainy (yes, I know, I should really have known this without having to try it, but you know what knitter’s optimism is like!).

This is a cushion cover for my nephew L for Christmas (he will be 1 yo by then). It was finished back in April or May but with my habitual procrastination re seaming, has sat in one of my knitting baskets until now. I noticed it had a few little grubby marks (quite possibly chocolate…) so thought I should wash it properly and block for good measure. Hmph. I did it at lunchtime on Sunday and it is now Tuesday morning and it is still damp. Lucky there’s still 7 weeks until Christmas – hopefully it will be dry by then…



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2 responses to “What I learnt on the weekend, pt III

  1. Oh I know…My cotton knit is still damp too.But it was grubby (not chocolate in my case, but dog) so I’m still glad I did the full wash wet block.


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