Of sweets and shoes

these are two of my favourite things…

It’s all about the desserts at the moment – and all the US blogs with their thanksgiving feasts (and photos!) are not helping! My brother M and his family visited on the weekend (they still live in my home town). M loves his golden syrup dumplings. It is a running joke in the family that he was hardly done by as a child because mum “never” made them for him! I have mum’s recipe and was very easily prevailed upon by him to make them for him this weekend.
This is the last one (makes 10) – served warm with lots of the sauce and ice-cream – mmmmmm a real winter pud (yes, I know it is summer here now, well almost anyway, ok then an all year round pud!). Cakey sweet deliciousness. (If anyone wants the pattern recipe, let me know!)

And since there’s been a dearth of shoe posts here’s my latest acquisition:
Not purchased with my DJ’s voucher (not for lack of trying, let me assure you, just that nothing has been superfantastic enough for that yet!), but purchased at the urging of my very bad influence shoe fiend friend, J. A good pair of summer wedges (for those who remember, I always have to add “wedges, weginald!”)



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8 responses to “Of sweets and shoes

  1. AJ

    Looks quite yummy! The dessert I mean 😉

  2. del

    My, that dessert looks delicious! And so do those shoes!

  3. Jo

    Ohhh yummm!!! We use to have Golden Syrup pudding when I was growing up… Golden Syrup desserts must be an Aussie thing I think.

  4. Those wedges are gorgeous!!! The pudding looks beautiful too! Is it by any chance dairy-free? My beloved can’t have dairy, so I’m always on the look-out!

  5. Beautiful shoes. I wouldn’t be able to walk in them as I am “high heel challenged” so I am very impressed. The little cardigan in your last post turned out beautifully.

  6. Sorry Jacqui – not dairy free – has both milk and butter – but you might be able to substitute with non-dairy alternatives (I didn’t have any butter and used olive oil spread (bit like margarine)) so if your beloved can drink soy milk, that would probably work too.

  7. The shoes are divine! You have exquisite taste m’lady… x

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