If it’s Monday…

If it’s Monday, it must be time to post something about baking…

Yesterday we had afternoon tea with friends, for a Christmas catch-up. As I usually do, I promised something sweet. Flipping through my old favourite standby, Nigella (which very usefully has a whole section on Christmas baking) I found a recipe for Christmas cupcakes. They look chocolately, but are also a little spicy (mixed spice) with a hint of coffee. They were delicious! The icing was a bit ordinary, I just couldn’t get it thick enough, but I think they look suitably Christmas pudding-y with icing drizzled over the top.
Nigella also offers a recipe for Snickerdoodles (heh). So I made a batch to give to each group of friends. Since there weren’t enough, I just had to make chocodoodles as well…

Here’s the before/after shot:
They are ok – not as dough-nutty as Nigella promised but ok. And very easy to make. And they look pretty good in Christmas-y (it’s a “y” kind of day) boxes…



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3 responses to “If it’s Monday…

  1. Amy

    They look so delicious! Snickerdoodles are a favorite of mine; and I have never tried chocodoodles…

  2. How do you make snickerdoodles into CHOCODOODLES?? I must know!

  3. I know I’m in the UK and all but I’ll NEED you to save me some for when I come home. Can’t miss out on your cooking.

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