Lucky lucky me

Back from my mum’s for Christmas – spent just a little while (ok, hours!) catching up on my blogreading last night and this morning – and had a lovely surprise. The talented Belinda decided to share the joy that is Malabrigo through a giveaway and I am the lucky winner! Yay for me! Yay for Belinda’s generosity (have I mentioned I love knitters!! Thanks Belinda!)

I’ve been turning some ideas around in my head for my own little giveaway/celebration – more on that when I’m back from New York…

On the knitting front, I did manage to finish my nephew C’s beanie, and my niece S’s cushion. Husby got his socks on the sticks and Mum got about 2/3 of her bag. My brother A will wait until his socks are finished. Had a good knitting day on Boxing Day and then driving back to Sydney yesterday, so Husby’s socks are all but done (just have to graft the toe and sew in the ends) and Mum’s bag finished entirely on Boxing Day (crochet is sooooo quick!) (except I’m a bit cross with myself, I forgot to take a picture…). Brother A’s socks almost done – about an inch of the foot and then the toe. So, all in all, pretty happy with the outcome. Might be less optimistic or more organised next year!!

And most pleasingly, everyone loved their knitted gifts! It was even cold enough for the boys to actually wear their beanies!! (I can’t believe it snowed in Victoria – on Christmas Day – in Australia! It’s supposed to be hot!!!) I’ve read a few blog entries or comments from people who have relatives or significant others who don’t appreciate or understand the thought and time that goes into a hand-made gift, and I really do feel lucky that both my family and my husband’s family, as well as lots of friends, “get” it. And those that don’t, well that’s ok, they don’t receive handmade gifts from me (and really, that just means more time to make things for myself or others like me!)



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3 responses to “Lucky lucky me

  1. How nice that it snowed for you, and the boys got to wear their beanies! Global warming – bah. Given us quite a warm Christmas here in Northern Michigan. And you made so many knitted things for the holidays! Good for you!

  2. del

    So glad your gifts are appreciated–and smart you, you only knit for those who get it.

  3. Have a great time in NY!

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