I heart New York

New York rocks! Will post more when I get home.
One thing I can say – thank goodness I got the scarves and hats finished – it is cold cold cold here!
PS – Happy Australia Day everyone! It is supposed to be about -10 degrees C here tomorrow (today in Australia) so we’re planning on going to the Met – and staying inside ALL day! Brrrrrr



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5 responses to “I heart New York

  1. Have fun and hurry back :]

  2. del

    Apparently, you made in JUST in time for the cold! 🙂 Hope you’re having fun & Happy Australia Day!

  3. Hey Rose Red,We look forward to catching up and hearing about all your shopping and fun things you have done.We had a lovely Australia Day in Sydney. A bit on the warm side.Went to an Australia Day concertto see Dorothy the Dinosaur.Got some fake tattoos of the Australian flag on our arms and thenhad a family bbq. All in all a lovely 1st Australia Day for R and her family

  4. I am insanely jealous, cold and all! Enjoy every minute – we hope to be there next christmas 🙂

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