I heart New York yarn stores

Ever since we decided to go to New York, I’ve been noting addresses of NY yarn stores from people’s blogs and from the ads in Interweave Knits and so on. It didn’t hurt to google “New York Yarn store” either…
So I had a pretty long list of stores. I didn’t quite make it to all of them, but I did manage to hit 7. I reckon that’s pretty good given we were only there for about 12 days…
First stop was The Point NYC (37a Bedford St). Cafe and yarn store in one (what an excellent idea!). As it was Saturday afternoon, what appeared to be a regular stitch’n’bitch was in session but fortunately we scored a table. Husby even had a snack. I looked at and touched much much beautiful yarn. No purchases here – I’m not sure why – probably because this was the first place and I wasn’t suer what else was out there…But a lovely range of yarn and a very helpful owner. I should have purchased some Artyarns silk and Fiesta La Luz silk. Oh well. Lucky for the internet!
Next was Purl Soho (137 Sullivan St). Mmmmm heaven. Small store but packed with yarn. Lots and lots of Koigu, Manos, Lorna’s Laces (specially dyed for Purl), bamboo, silks, Rowan. Big table in the middle with the all important swift and winder (a great service – I haven’t been into Australian store which appear to do this, but they may be also because not much yarn here comes in skeins). In fact, I went to Purl twice…And to Purl Patchwork just a couple of stores up the road (mmmm fabric heaven)…
Purchases: Koigu, Kidsilk Haze, Manos.
Knitty City (208 W79th St) – huge store with great range of sticks and accessories, and of course the usual – yarn!! And a really good selection of books. Very friendly service. Offers a Men who Knit night on Wednesdays. Had the most beautiful shaped cardigan/jacket in the window. I am regretting not getting the pattern…
Purchases: Trekking, Lacey Lamb, Claudia’s Handpainted sock yarn, Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road (weeeeeeeeee!). Almost bought Louet Euroflax linen too but manage to stop myself. Did not stop myself from buying some Handmaiden Seasilk.
Late one afternoon we found Gotta Knit! tucked away upstairs on Sixth Avenue (498 Sixth Ave, 2nd floor). Seemed a smaller range than the others, particularly Knitty City, but found some lovely yarn and the owners were very friendly.
Purchases: Claudia’s Handpainted worsted – I’ve tentatively assigned this to a clapotis (yes, I am succombing to the (non) pressure of all the others out there in blogland.
On the Upper East Side, String is a lovely little shop (1015 Madison Ave, but about to move). Lots of luxury yarns – silks and cashmere in particular – so so soft! Also found a copy of the Summer 2004 Interweave Knits which I’ve been searching for some time!
Purchases: Koigu and the IK.
Around the East Village, Knit New York and Downtown Yarn. Knit New York is another cafe/yarn store (I’ll say it again – excellent idea!!) with a little back room treasure trove with some beautiful hand-dyes. Open late every night (yay!).
Purchases: Misti alpaca, Elisabeth Lavold Silky Wool, Adidirondack hand-dye in Peacock (and it really is very peacocky) and yes, some more Koigu.
Downtown Yarn (45 Avenue A) was the last stop – a lovely warm store so well heated it could have only a screen door between us and the outside world! The usual Koigu, malabrigo, Muench Touch me yarn (I’m thinking about that vintage velvet scarf from Scarf Style…) and lots of other glorious yarns.
Purchases: Koigu (again, yes, I bought it at every store pretty much…), Malabrigo and a Classic Elite merino/tencel blend.
And since I’m sure you’ve been dying for a picture, here you go (all in all, 36 balls/skeins of yarn – all very creatively packed in our suitcases on the journey home. Who knows what the TSA people thought!!). I only wish I had room to bring home some of the more bulky yarns in greater volume!!



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8 responses to “I heart New York yarn stores

  1. Jo

    Wow!! You did well enhancing your stash. Lucky you.Ps: My thoughts are with you at this time.

  2. Okay, taking notes. Any other New York tips are most welcome 🙂

  3. wow, I’m so jealous!! Maybe one day…I would love to go to purl and purl patchwork. Did you have an idea of what you wanted before hand. I think I would be so awe stuck I wouldn’t know what to buy.

  4. oh you spoiled brat you :]and what is that gorgeous bluey-greeny stuff in the bottom right corner?

  5. Wow! What an amazing stash of yarn you bought! I would have found it so hard to choose (imagine cat in headlights look!!), we don’t have any stores near here that are like that either.

  6. del

    Wow, what a haul! I am drooling over here. I’m sure that was just the icing on your whole trip!

  7. Drool Drool, Slobber, slobber….

  8. I expected you’d come back with lots and lots of fabulous yarn – and you didn’t disappoint!

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