My name is Rose Red and I’m addicted to buying yarn.

I really only started knitting properly again about 2.5 years ago, after not having done any since I was a teenager. A work colleague asked me how to cast off a scarf she was making and I could actually remember how to do it. And that inspired me to make a scarf. And then my best friend fell pregnant with twins and so I decided to make a jumper for each of them. And so it went on from there.

In that period, I have managed, somehow, I don’t know how and don’t even want to contemplate how, to purchase a large amount of yarn. A VERY large amount of yarn. Almost 23 kilos (or 50lb) of yarn. Looking at how much I knit last year, I’d say that’s probably enough to last me 10 years. Oh my.

Inspired by others out there in blogland, I am joining in Knit from your Stash 2007. Here’s my version of the rules:

Rose Red: Knit from your Stash 2007

  1. Sock yarn doesn’t count (see, I’m making exceptions already) – but only if it is the most superfantastic sock yarn that I’ll never be able to get again.
  2. I can buy yarn for knitted gifts (or yarn-y gifts) but only if I don’t already have something suitable in the stash (no intentional picking of projects for which I know I have no stash!)
  3. I am allowed to buy a particular discontinued yarn if it ever becomes available (eg on eBay)
  4. I can buy sticks, books and other knitting accessories
  5. I can buy yarn to complete a project using stash yarn, if absolutely necessary
  6. I can buy yarn for my birthday
  7. I can receive yarn as a gift (a genuine gift!)
  8. I can fall off the wagon twice (not counting my birthday or sock yarn!)
  9. Knit from your Stash commences 1 February 2007 through to 31 December 2007.

To help, I am also going to do more of this:

(it’s going to be hard. I am a hoarder). And there’ll be a little yarn giveaway on my blog sometime this year. It’ll be good stuff, I promise!



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6 responses to “Addictions

  1. You Know you Can Do It. We are here to help. If you need counselling please drop us a line at Good Yarn Karma and we will talk you through it. It won’t be too bad – AND you might win MORE YARN in our March give-away.

  2. You can do it…with all those wonderful new books you have you will make a nice dent in your stash!

  3. Well done on joining the knit from your stash and yarn karma! Imagine that when you are finished in December you can go on a splurge!!!

  4. del

    It’s so hard, I know. I’m on an unofficial yarn diet myself…unofficial so that if (when) I mess up, no one has to know, LOL.

  5. I’m with Del, but whatever tickles your fancy J, m’dear…Our motto at GYK: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!PS: Thanks for the plug. x

  6. your return to knitting sounds much like my own – and about the same timeframe too! My husband thinks my version of the Knit From Your Stash thing has more exceptions than rules. I think he might be right.Go GYK!

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