Spirit fingers!

Now that this gift has been received (by a friend in New York who is a sometime reader of the blog) I can post a couple of pictures of my version of the recent craze of Fetching.


Pattern:Fetching” from Knitty (Summer 2006) – I like how the cables twist the opposite way for each hand. If I was making these again I’d probably make them a little longer at the finger end, to cover the knuckles a bit more.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran col 300617 (plum), 1x50g ball (I bought too many balls for my log cabin socks and a bandwagon came by so I thought I may as well jump on it!)
Sticks: 4mm bamboo dpns. I probably should have gone up a stick size but didn’t want to knit them too loose – they ended up fairly snug.
Time: first mitt – 2 days, second mitt – 1 and bit days.
What I learnt: Oh the thumb bit – that scared me – pulling out the waste yarn and picking up the stitches for the thumb. The first one was not so good but the second one was much better. Picot cast off method was new too.

The obligatory spirit fingers photo! My nephew T (who is 11) was fascinated with them – he kept putting them on – except for “that funny patterny bit there [the cabled cuff] and there [the cast off end]”. Heh!



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4 responses to “Spirit fingers!

  1. oh good work! they look spectacular. I’m itching to make them myself. And thanks for the adivce on what you learnt in making them!

  2. del

    I love it! They look great!

  3. Jo

    YAY … they made it onto the blog. Thanks so much .. I just love them!

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