Chicks with Sticks

My turn to host our regular CWS meeting, featuring a special guest appearance by Miss J, all the way from Melbourne, plus the first CWS experience for B and D. We all used to work together but as we discussed on Saturday, I’m the only one still at the original workplace. Oh well…

This is me working on Husby’s jumper (I’m now past the armhole shaping on the back – hurrah!). It is amazing how much detritus you collect when eating and knitting! Take special note of the blue knitting on the table…

Because the next day it looked like this (with a very pleased Miss J “modelling” her garment – the quick knit jacket from Jo Sharp Knit vol 3 – knit to the smallest size to take into account the sizing issues I (and others) have experienced recently). It is knit double, using Jo Sharp DK Tweed and 7.5mm sticks – just gorgeously soft – I think the DK Tweed is much softer than the Aran Tweed.

And here are all the gels: KT, B, D, KO, me and Miss J. KT knitting away on the cushion cover we gave her the yarn, sticks and pattern when she left work – almost two years ago!! Oh well, she has had a baby in between, and they do take up a bit of time. B knitting a pair of slippers (her first knitting – I’m holding them up as I was crocheting the top of the slipper to the bottom), D knitting a nice chunky scarf and KO knitting a baby blanket – finding the 11 rows of moss (seed) stitch border, on about 160 stitches, a bit hard going…(I’m with her!)



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3 responses to “Chicks with Sticks

  1. Oh I love the idea of having our group in a home sometime. I love it. Looks so nice on your deck!

  2. Jane, I’m sitting here weaving in the ends on my Jo Sharp Quick Knit Jkt. But… I think I prefer the K side. You?

  3. OMG I cant believe I havent found your blog sooner! (I lurve the shoes BTW) This post could have been written about my gang of peeps, also in Sydney, who have met through work and one common friend. We meet at each others homes as well, eat drink, knit and catch up. I just heart my crafty chicas!

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