After carefully cataloging my entire stash earlier this year, a couple of weeks ago I discovered more yarn…(and I really mean discovered, it wasn’t a secret purchase, honest!). When I was still at school I had this “great” idea that I would make a granny square rug, although not with traditional granny squares, but a kind of flower square – coloured centre piece with black edging. Primary coloured centre pieces…omg!!! Yeah, well you guessed it, I didn’t get that far. But I’ve still got the yarn…all 2.1kg of it (including some quite nice plum coloured yarn gifted from my mum’s stash)! Oh well…add that to the Stash Management System and take off what I’ve used so far this year (all 750g in finished objects – how could it be so little!) and yep, I’ve still got a LOT of yarn. Maybe it will felt well…I could try the felted boxes from Mason-Dixon. And there’s always Good Yarn Karma



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5 responses to “Confession

  1. YES! You COULD! We would love to find it a new home!

  2. It’s wonderful to find yarn! I’m not a “knit from your stash” kinda girl! I am now and forever will be an Expand Your Stash girl!That said, sorry you found more yarn when you are trying to knit the yarn that you (thought) you already had!

  3. Love it when I see other Aussie bloggers obviously blogging during the day at work! I am not alone…. :-)i haven’t taken stock of what stash I have destashed yet but it’s not enough, so I hear you.

  4. I hear you and a raise you at least 3 yarn hiding places. I figure if I dont think about them they dont exist and I can purchase more!!!

  5. Confession good for the soul Wicked J. Are you going to add any yarn to your wish list?

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