The bestest socks yet

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with these socks – they are my most bestest socks yet!! I almost can’t give them away – but to one of my best friends, Helen, they are destined to go (well, she deserves them, not the least because they are for her birthday – which was in January!!).

Because they don’t look quite as good off the foot, like Bells, I took about 100 photos of them, trying to get an interesting but detailed shot. But of course, I still can’t decide which photo is the best – I love them all! So please bear with me, and keep scrolling down for the FO details!

Pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks by Mona Schmidt from Interweave Knits, Winter 2005. I love this pattern – it’s a 16 stitch repeat and is much simpler than it looks (and so clever!). Except of course, I didn’t trust myself not to refer to the pattern every line until halfway down the foot of the 2nd sock – I really didn’t want to have to rip it back if I stuffed up.
Yarn: Koigu (mmmm Koigu) KPM, colour 2340 – a lovely olive green semi-solid. I am so happy with this colour and this yarn for this pattern, with enough colour variation for interest but not too much so that it obscures the pattern (as I’ve made more socks, I’ve decided I prefer semi-solid sock yarn for lace or fancy patterns, and variegated for simple patterns). And one skein is just enough for one sock – I had only a walnut sized ball left from each skein.
Sticks: 3mm dpns (upsized from 2.75mm suggested by pattern). Lucky for me, as I started these when visiting my mum – my home town fabric and yarn shop stocked dpns – I was so surprised, as I’m sure there aren’t too many sock knitters or knitters generally in my town of about 3000 people.
Time: 9 February 2007 – 14 April 2007 (in between lots of other projects!)
What I learnt: These are my first lace socks. I loved also the toe shaping – very unusual but fits perfectly with the pattern.
Ok, no more pictures of these (well, maybe one more…)
All ready to be sent off to Helen!



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17 responses to “The bestest socks yet

  1. Gorgeous socks! Can’t wait to get my hands (and feet) into some of that koigu.

  2. Wow – they are stunning! Congratulations on your first lace socks… I’m headed into that territory eventually. Soon. Honest!I’m amazed that you can bear to part with them :)Happy Spider made me a pair of pink socks from that pattern – they are very gorgeous.

  3. ***ROUND OF APPLAUSE****Fabulous work! I love them. I have that pattern and plan to make it soon. You’ve done a spectacular job and they deserve photos from every angle. πŸ™‚

  4. They’re gorgeous Jane. I love Koigu.

  5. I love that pattern but had mentally consigned it to the too much bother basket. Now I may have to revisit tyhat decision.Thought of you yesterday. I bought the most gorgeous pair of [ black ] tie on shoes patterned after irish dance shoes… lots of cross lacing … and THEY HAD THEM IN RED !!

  6. Your socks look great! That colour is just perfect, too.I’m glad you enjoyed the pattern – it is deceptively simple to master, isn’t it? (says she who mucked hers up!!)Quite proud of your strength in gifting them – you might just have to make a second pair for yourself!!

  7. Yes, they are great looking socks! I too love Koigu. Does anyone not? I’ve yet to knit socks with it though so I had better get busy. You’re gift band is a great idea.Your knitterly letter pal!!

  8. They are lovely, well done! I tried that pattern once but couldn’t do it. Yours are just the gorgeousest! (is that a word?!)

  9. I would have a hard time giving those away too! They are so pretty.Non post comment – Your Knitterly Letter is in the mail. But it’s coming from a long way away so it may take 2 weeks to get to you. Just wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten about you.Will not post my name or blog URL here because I want the who the letter comes from to be a surprise. M

  10. Loved your reaction to the shoes but I’m not surprised. So to get your very own pair…Google Sandolls site and look for a stockist near your own sweet self. The shoes are either discontinued or very very new cos I can’t see them [ style name is Tule ] but if I can find stock in the wilds of central vic, so can you.

  11. You have Koigu! Oh. so. jealous.Fantastic socks!

  12. had to come and have another look. I LOVE the way you’ve packaged them up. That’s so inspiring. I wanna do that!

  13. Your lace socks are divine in that shade of Koigu! Well done!

  14. The socks look fantastic! I would have a hard time giving them away too πŸ™‚

  15. Pretty, pretty, pretty socks! I love that pattern. It’s one of the few sock patterns I have happily knit more than once.

  16. I love the socks and I love the way you’ve packaged them. Great

  17. Found it ! Thanks for the heads up as to how you present the socks as gifts. Muchly appreciated, they look great.

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