A few of my favourite things

I like comments…
Thank you all so much for your comments on my socks – I was probably just a bit (ok, a lot) gushy over them already but I’ve had a smile from all of your lovely comments! I confess though, I got the idea for the sock label from someone’s blog a long time ago (I can’t remember who, unfortunately) – I just made a template in word and put a pic on with the gift message, and on the back, the yarn and washing details (and a little plug for my blog!)

I like giving…
This year, one of my resolutions was to knit for charity (for me, it goes hand in hand with knit from your stash). I’m conscious that I haven’t done anything about it yet, and so I did some investigating and found this Australian yahoo group, Knit for charities. Each month a couple of different charities are selected and you can sign up to knit something for any or all of them (up to you), and there is also a page where you can list anything you may have donated to other charities as well (eg yarn or knitted items). And there’s a message board (which is not just charity knitting related!) and so on. I’m going to try and do one thing a month, even if it is just something small like a hat. Goodness knows, I’ve got enough yarn!!!

And, hey, lets be honest, I like receiving too…
Lovely lovely gift from lovely Nora:
So pretty I almost didn’t want to open it…
But I’m glad I did! Gorgeous stitch markers made from pearls and turquoise and carnelian and lapis and garnet and citrine and and and … I want to wear them as jewellery myself! They will be jewellery for my knitting and will make me smile each time I look at them! Thanks so much Nora – completely unnecessary but very beautiful!



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6 responses to “A few of my favourite things

  1. amy

    I love the socks, too. AND the label! :)How would I go about finding a similar group for North America, do you think? It seems so concise, all the information there in one place like that.

  2. Giving is often as much fun as receiving! Sometimes more so!!Regarding your comments about shyness, I can truly relate. In my middle age I still have moments when shyness overcomes me – doesn’t stop me from going places, but when I get there I find it hard to strike up a conversation! That’s one of the reasons I like blogging, I can hide behind my computer, so to speak! LOLI look forward to meeting you when the Sydney group of Knit4Charities gets together!So, I’m the first one from Knit4Charity to comment on your blog! Please drop by and visit mine sometime.www.2hot2knit.blogspot.com

  3. knitting for charity is such a good thing. i shall promote that to my knitting group!! thanks for the link!!

  4. Good thoughts – I have been thinking that too – maybe I can get the SnB group to do something for Knit4Charities…

  5. Those stitch markers are gorgeous , just like you! Knitting for charity is a great idea, lots of good karma coming your way!!!

  6. pretty things are so nice to have. You are lucky to get them from Nora. She’s so clever. I made my first charity piece for our harlot happening and I have to say, I enjoyed the experience. One evening’s work for a small sense of achievement. I’ll do more. Thanks for the link. I’ll check them out.

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