Maybe it will work a second time…

Something weird is going on…after my post yesterday noting the absence of any expected letters for some time I arrived home last night to find – a letter! Yay! A letter! Thanks Diana!

So, with the whole, “if I post about the absence of something, it will turn up very soon after” theory, I’m going to note the absence of good winter coats in the shops this year. I know Sydney has a fairly mild winter climate but we still need a coat now and then, we still travel. We go to the Blue Mountains – it’s cold there! Some of us (clearly not me) go to the snow – it’s cold there too! So why can’t I find a decent winter coat?

Perhaps I’m setting my expectations too high – I’d like a classic coat, shaped at the waist, single breasted, v-collar, smallish lapels, buttons down the front, and nice deep pockets. Preferably in a colour, not black, ideally red but I’d go for green or purple or even a muted pattern, and in normal coat fabric, like a nice soft wool or even a wool blend.

Instead, I find shapeless coats which I assume are meant to be belted (if you don’t want to look like a blueberry and/or pregnant), with huge buttons, no pockets, made of shiny fabric and with round high necks or double breasted. I’m already double breasted, I don’t need any extra bulk in that area, thanks very much!

Or, I find the perfect coat, in houndstooth (can’t get more classic than that, although I have to say, it wouldn’t have been my first choice in pattern) but of course, they only make it up to a size 12. A SIZE 12!! At times like that, I am reminded of a post I read a while back, I think on A Dress A Day (but not sure – but it’s a cool blog, check it out!) where she suggested that in situations like these, the best response is to hand a little printed card to the shop assistant saying something along the lines of “You would be looking at my credit card instead of this card if you made clothes in my size!”

If my theory is correct, I will find the perfect coat this afternoon, or possibly tomorrow…fingers crossed (oh, and if anyone has found my perfect coat out there, feel free to pass on the details!)



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9 responses to “Maybe it will work a second time…

  1. I think your theory dovetails nicely into my “if I’ve lost something it will turn up as soon as I’ve bought a replacement” theory! LOL :)I really like the idea of the little cards about making clothes in real sizes… good bit of consumer action there!Maybe you need a little coat shopping trip to Canberra, where we *do* have such things ;)Enjoy your get together with Bells this weekend – I’m sure you’ll both have a wonderful time 🙂

  2. amy

    Oh, I LIKE this theory. If this works for you a second time, I’m in. But perhaps this blog power should be used judiciously? Hmm….Good luck on the coat. Have you tried online?

  3. My absolute favourite coat is one that I picked up from an op shop in Paddington (dahhhhhling)…black, not too heavy, not too light, with a very understated fake fur collar (sounds gross but looks cool) for a nice $45.00. If recycled clothing doesn’t repel you why not start trolling those stores….or ebay…Wish I could meet up with you and Bells (and Nora) this weekend – but can’t see it happening….enjoy.

  4. My thoughts exactly, you need to come to Canberra. I’m sure we could throw in a knitting meet-up to sweeten the deal.But have you tried Myer? They usually have several that I think would fit your description, at least here they do.My favourite coat came from an upmarket second-hand clothes store.

  5. There is an excellent coat shop in Burwood, quick through train trip from the city, just opposite the station entrance. Lots of classic,3/4 length wool numbers, as well as jacket length and long (calf on tall people, ankle on me *sigh*)

  6. the others beat me to it – we need proper coats here so even though I haven’t looked yet, I bet you could find one.And given I want a coat EXACTLY like the one you’re describing, we should shop together!

  7. Charlie Brown, Country Rd, Seduce, Witchery, Basque, Max Mara, Morgan de Toi, David Lawrence, French Connection UK. I even picked up a fantastic 3/4 length brown suede at Just Jeans 3 years ago!

  8. I love the card idea. I mailed your letter at least a week ago (maybe a 8 or 9 days ago). I hope it arrives soon!!

  9. Love the little card idea — maybe I’ll print up some for myself. I had such a time finding a child’s winter coat in the dead of winter, when all that was on the racks was swimsuits!

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