It’s sockapalooza4 time!

I’ve been in touch anonymously with my sock pal, who lives overseas, I’ve selected the pattern – Traveler’s Stockings, from Knitting on the Road – and the yarn – some nice Australian merino cashmere sock yarn from Daphne at The Knittery, in Water Lilies (gotta put our yarn out there!). Now I just have to get knitting…after I finish the two pairs of socks already on the sticks! I’ll even do a swatch and all for these socks! Fingers crossed I will be able to go up at least one size from the US 0’s (or 2mm in our knittalk). Hate knitting with the toothpicks!

I tried to pick a colourway my pal would like, but which wouldn’t obscure the pattern too much – hope this yarn does the trick!

Oh, and if my sockpal is lurking out there, I’d love to hear from you!



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10 responses to “Sockapalooza!

  1. amy

    Wow, that is absolutely beautiful yarn. Gorgeous stuff. Can’t wait to see the finished product (the swatch, too!).

  2. Yep the 2mms are literally toothpicks.I know this for a fact coz the other night I mislaid my cable needle and I found an actual toothpick did the job just fine…it’s the same diameter!

  3. Gorgeous yarn, stunning colourway. Ive been coveting Knittery’s for ages.Don’t envy you the 2mms, but can’t wait to see how it knits up!

  4. Ooh, I have a started sock in that exact yarn around here someplace! You have such wonderful taste in yarn!! ;)I have loose tension, so I knit all my socks on 2mm needles.

  5. I’m interested to see this pattern in progress as I’ve been thinking about knitting it for a while now.As for the 2mm, I absolutely refuse to go below 2.5mm – even adjusting patterns/sts to suit…

  6. That yarn looks gorgeous, lucky sock pal!

  7. i like the 2mms in theory, less so in reality. I’ll stick to 2.25s.That blue is stunning!!!

  8. Beautiful yarn. I look forward to seeing it knitted up.

  9. Really pretty pattern, I love it and that yarn should be perfect. What a lucky pal!!! I’ll have to look for that book.

  10. I’ve been contemplating buying Knitting on the Road. Is it very good?

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