Little Cables Hat – now in Adult size!

Claudine has posted the adult size pattern which I wrote for her little cables beanie (using her baby size as the base). If you come across any problems with the adult pattern, please let me or Claudine know!

Here is my adult size next to the baby one, and below is husby modelling it. This is a very easy knit with just a bit of interest in the cables, hope you enjoy it!

And since husby chipped me for not mentioning in my list of 100 things that I loved him (I did tell him it was supposed to be a list of things I hadn’t already said on the blog), this one’s for him – I love you husby!!



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7 responses to “Little Cables Hat – now in Adult size!

  1. Beautiful work, J. Now, onto the socks…

  2. phew! i only had to 7 things about myself but i did manage to include a bit about my hubby since he does read my blog and pass it on to his friends for photos of keira! i have to be very careful of what I say!Corrie:)

  3. oh a man size hat….beautifully modelled too – is he shy of showing us his true identity???

  4. Yay, excellent hat! It looks comfy, and stashbusty to boot!

  5. Great hat, the cables are subtle yet add interest. Good work

  6. Ooohhh, I’ve been hanging out for you to post this, yay! Its straight onto my “to knit” list. Thanks RR, and Claudine too.

  7. Love the hats. I think I want to knit a pillow cover from this pattern.

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