I may have purchased some yarn…

No doubt you all know (well, all Sydneysiders and perhaps most other Australian knitters) that Tapestry Craft is on sale! (well, the yarny stuff, not the shop itself). Hurrah! Minimum 20% off everything! Woo hoo!

So my mum is staying with me for a couple of days and so on the pretext that she was sure to want to buy something, I took her in on Saturday. I have never seen so many people in the shop!

And it would just be plain rude of me to leave empty handed. So here is some of the yarny goodness (some excluded on the basis that is for gifts for people who read the blog!). Some orange Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre for a scarf for me which I’ve been lusting after – I just love this colour. And some new yarn called Sublime – it is an aran weight merino cashmere silk blend – just sooooo soft – for a cabled scarf for me (clearly I have two necks. Both of them cold). And some Cleckheaton faux Noro called Vintage Hues – I’ll feel much better felting this cheaper version (for a booga style bag) than the real thing (as long as it works the same as the Noro…)

So the options for the orange scarf – Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style or Branching out from Knitty – what do you think? And for the cream, I thinking about Here and There cables one from Scarf Style and perhaps something like the Irish Hiking Scarf – votes on both please!

And don’t mention Knit from your Stash – well, I did allow 2 falling off the wagon incidents, I guess this counts as one!!



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12 responses to “I may have purchased some yarn…

  1. Go with Backyard Leaves! From personal experience, I never finished Branching Out. πŸ˜‰ (Nice haul, btw)

  2. Oh you did good. Very good. (pardon the poor english. Grammar goes out the window when I’m in lust). I say Branching Out. I’m close to starting it. We can make it together!

  3. The sublime sounds gorgeous! I vote backyard leaves and here and there cables.

  4. That cream coloured yarn is just delicious. Gorgeous.

  5. Definatley Branching Out. I did oneof those….I wonder what I did with it….it was probably gifted to someone. But from what I remember, it was fun and went by fairly quickly.

  6. I vote backyard leaves and the cable one! the orange yarn looks lovely.

  7. oh i think here and there cables from scarf style would look so great in the cream. and my vote is for branching out instead of backyard leaves but i don’t have experience with either pattern.hope you had fun with your mom.

  8. Lovely yarns! I vote backyard leaves for the red yarn. And for the cream yarn, here and there cables (perhaps I’m biased, having made one myself πŸ™‚ it’s a little fiddly but the result is oh so worth it!)

  9. Backyard Leaves and Here and There Cables. πŸ™‚

  10. well I wasn’t going to buy more yarn but since its on sale….when can i get there! I saw that cleckeaton yarn and think its lovely!I love branching out since I did it for scarf swap but it took me 7 goes to start!

  11. del

    How beautiful! Enjoy all that yummy new yarn (including the yarn we can’t see!).

  12. Tag! You’re It! Go to my blog for details…That’s a tough one, all your choices. I have found that I pick one and start on it, then if it’s not right, I try another. For example, I started Branching Out with some worsted weight silk and it just was too thick for the pattern. I prefer Branching Out on DK or thinner. Just me. I made an Irish Hiking Scarf out of Aurora 8 and thought I’d die of boredom at the end. It was a gift, so I persevered. I’ll be watching to see what you decide. L.

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