Got my Knitpicks dpns a week or so ago (thanks Donni!) and so could finally cast on for my sockapalooza socks – all I can say is thank goodness for nice pointy metal dpns. The pattern I’ve chosen (Traveler’s stockings, from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road) is fabulous but the pattern cuff (below the chevron bit) is full of twisted stitch cables. I HATE twisted stitch cables. I must be a madwoman. But if I’d attempted these with bamboo – well, there’d be a little pile of firewood kindling beside my knitting chair by now!

You can’t see the pattern too well in this shot but I am loving it (twisted stitch cables and all) and in particular, am looking forward to the end of the 36 row patterned cuff and the nice stocking stitch thereafter. Ah, soothing stocking stitch.



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7 responses to “Sockapalooza!

  1. oh! They look so good. And knitpicks are the best things….nasty, splity bamboo would be no good for this.

  2. They are looking so good! I really need to get myself some of those Knitpicks needles, if only because I can’t stand to miss out!!Lovely colours.

  3. oh that looks SO pretty. i am a needles fanatic, how come i don’t have any of these great needles? i am going to have to order myself some. maybe it’s just me but i can feel the twisted cables determination in those needles.

  4. Gosh Jane. What a lucky sock pal! I’m debating whether to knit these for myself, let alone anyone else!! Is that the cashmere or merino you’re using?

  5. EXPENSIVE firewood kindling, at that! Glad the metal needles are working out well for you. I’m sticking to my very bendy casein Ivore needles, though – much nicer to my hands.The sock looks just stunning 🙂

  6. del

    Pretty color! I know, nice stocking stitch, NICE stocking stitch…that’s half of my projects right now.

  7. I think Nancy Bush understands the twisted-stitch-madness — the plain bits are the reward for getting past the cuff! Lovely pattern — yours are looking very pretty. Lucky sockpal!

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