Despite the appalling weather we’ve been having in Sydney, 4 brave souls ventured out yesterday to meet up (for the first time, in my case) and do a little knitting – in public – because that’s what yesterday was for. And also for having lots of coffees (and/or chai lattes).

And admiring of boots (see, I do have rose red shoes!!)

And chatting, flashing of knitting, discussing of sticks, yarn, yarn stores, shopping, wedding planning, and and and…We stayed for so long they had to kick us out so they could close up! While we were sitting there an older lady came up to us (as she was leaving) and asked about our knitting – we’d been talking earlier about when we knit on the bus, and no-one ever asks about it or says anything. So it was nice, but also a bit weird, to actually have someone say something to us.

Thanks for a great afternoon Nora, Shaz and BrownPants! And Nora for the photos (you might see them on all of our blogs!). It was fabulous to meet you all in person, rather than virtually!

edited to add: photo credits – pics by BrownPants (chai latte) and Nora (boot!) on Nora’s camera!!



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12 responses to “Representing

  1. I wish I could’ve made it!

  2. I was there too – in spirit – but 70kms away – cosy in my house….sorry I didn’t brave the worst storm in 30 years. Spineless – I know.

  3. Amy

    I was there in spirit? Only about 9,500 miles away, I reckon. 😀 It looks like it was a fun time!

  4. It was lovely meeting you too – although it felt like I already knew you and we were merely “catching up”!D & D – don’t worry, there will be many more Saturday afternoons like this one.

  5. trust me, I’d have been there if I could. LOVE those boots!

  6. Good effort to wave the banner in what sounds like such awful weather.LOVE those boots RR – serious coveting material!

  7. del

    That sounds like so much fun, even getting asked to leave! LOL

  8. That sounds like a great time! Lucky you. And I do rather like your boots!

  9. KWC

    Glad you are all getting the rain, but at the expense of lives! Yikes! NO! Knitting out in California USA on knit out in public day. I have heaps of family and friends in the Sydney area and always looking for more friends to meet when I go for a visit again soon. New to blogging. take care Kathleen

  10. Oh god I want another one just looking at them! Arrrrrrr! (PS I finally got those fricken gloves cast one, one and a half done. I’ll have show and tell next time 🙂

  11. oh it sounds like you had so much fun. lovely pictures too jane.

  12. Just lurve your red boots Wicked JHave a look a this blog. She has more red shoes than you (I did not think this was possible). You may have to scroll down a bithttp://shoeobsessedone.blogspot.comStill think you should put up a better photo of your wedding shoes.

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