Readers, I present you with my all time fantasy. I am sitting in my favourite (red) chair, surrounded by knitting projects, yarn and sticks, actually doing some knitting (quite possibly even finishing something!), with a box of chocolates (v. large) and the box set of Buffy (or The West Wing) (or Angel) (or Six Feet Under) (or even, darn it, the Gilmore Girls) (and most definitely the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice) and my husband is:
(a) vacuuming

and (b) cooking dinner (paella – yum!)

I’m sorry to inform you that he’s mine, ALL MINE! Mwahahahaha!



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16 responses to “Fantasyland

  1. You’re a six feet under fan too? Oh we should so have a video weekend, with our husbands waiting on us, and chocolates and wine and everything we could want. Most importantly, the boys would be waiting on us though. That’s key.You are one lucky girl!

  2. who says video? I meant DVD, obviously. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Now that’s a real man!!!!

  4. Heh! None of that happens ’round here – EVER!!

  5. Mr B is such a sweetie. She lends him out occasionally! The grass on my nature strip became too long to get my mower through and he came around to whipper snipper it down for me.Hey Wicked J, I didn’t know he could cook paella. I’m putting in a request for the next time we visit.Substitute sewing or painting for knitting and you have my dream too.

  6. I shall tell JD to take it up with you when I yell at him for not doing any of these things tonight!

  7. My idea of Fantasyland is not getting on my hands and knees and picking thrown food up from the ground or putting the washing away for the day only to find another load ready to go. Oh to dream.I do however get a taste of pure indulgence when the kids are in bed at night and I am lying on the couch watching my fav programmes, H says to me would you like a foot massage and would you like me to make you a milo and do you want some desert. That is my idea of a perfect evening. That man of yours like mine is definitely a SNAG. And his Paella is certainly yummy so we are very lucky girls.

  8. You lucky b*! Does he ‘sew up’ as well?

  9. Oooh, I have one of those husbands too, although he does not extend to paella just yet. He is still in training!

  10. yes, but would he be open to bribes, now that is the question???!(perhaps you could offer him on a purely rental basis?) hee hee

  11. Oh damn, I am SO jealous… mine stopped cooking when he was doing his PhD, and has never really remembered. As for cleaning… ha! Ah well – he’s damn good at fixing things, including any electronic device known to man. And he’s nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. del

    *sniff* I can’t even..borrow him?? Ha ha, you lucky!

  13. i must say this is pretty impressive! ๐Ÿ™‚ are you sure you don’t want him to vacuum in something skimpier. just kidding!

  14. Excuse me, ma’am, we’re from the Department of Masculinity. We’re here to revoke your husband’s Licence to Bloke on two counts of Wilful and Deliberate Raising of Wives’ Expectations.

  15. That is so awesome!!!! My fantasy!

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