Not love at first sight

You know how mostly you fall in love with a knitting pattern at first sight? I’m very much one of those people. So much so that I’ll often buy the yarn for it, even though I clearly have no time to actually knit it in the near future (unless I put aside the 50hundred other WIPs I currently have on the go).

The first time I saw a Clapotis, I was pretty much “meh”. And then I kept seeing them. Everywhere. I started to feel like the only knitblogger who hasn’t made one (although I know of at least one other out there – don’t worry, your secret is safe with me!!). And it grew on me. The pattern grew on me and I decided I would make one after all. And I saw BrownPants‘ Clap on the weekend, and that really got my interest up.

And since I bought the yarn while I was in New York (Claudia’s Hand Painted worsted in Black Walnut), and it’s cold, and since I don’t have 50hundred other WIPs at the moment (oops, clearly that’s a lie, but go with me!) I cast on my Clap on Monday and knit all day until I got to the magic stage of dropping my first stitch (photo taken before this…).

I didn’t do as many set up repeats (4 rather than 7) because I don’t have as much yardage as the pattern requires. And I don’t need a thick scarfy wrap thing (there should be a word for that) here in Sydney. So I’m pretty happy with my Clappy. And have proven to myself that I shouldn’t write off a pattern just because I don’t love it at first sight. There’s still hope that one day I’ll knit Monkeys.



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17 responses to “Not love at first sight

  1. Amy

    That’s a really lovely colorway for the clapotis, definitely! Don’t worry, I didn’t love it at first either, not until I saw eleventy billion of the things. It grew on me, and I still felt like sort of a sell-out by knitting one last year. But I did, and I use it, and I love it…. I’ve just recently considered making monkeys, too. I’m a bad person…

  2. I think this one’s popular for good reason. It’s not too hard, it’s fun to drop stitches on purpose and the end garment is a lovely, drapey wearable thing. I wear mine a lot (although the Lion and Lamb has pilled somewhat harshly). Love your colours. Have fun!

  3. amy

    yeah, I’m still “meh.” But I’m not a scarf person, knitting wise. I’m looking forward to seeing yours, though. I shall admire OTHER people’s clapotiseseses (is it just me who is tempted to extend that plural forever?) with great enthusiasm!

  4. now I’m the only one who doesn’t have a clapotis!It’s beautiful. That wool is lovely!

  5. i haven’t knit the clapotis either but i’ve seen one in my LYS and it’s so drapey. you’ll love yours.

  6. Psst – if you don’t want to do the stitch marker thing just purl that stitch……on the right side….no need for stitch markers at all.

  7. I haven’t knit a clapotis either, so there are probably more of us out there than you think 😉 It does look appealing though… maybe one day!

  8. Yay! You won’t regret it. Especially in those colours, it’s going to be beautiful! We should have another SnB – I want to see it being knit in action. And I have something I want to show you all .

  9. Jane, I felt exactly the same when I first saw that pattern. I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Then, I saw it on someone’s blog UNBLOCKED and fell in love… I’ve since made two!Donni’s right, just P that st.PS: Your colour choice is right up my alley. x

  10. Clapotis is a lovely thing to knit too, your yarn coice is scrummy! I didn’t feel the urge to make one until I saw a real life one in malabrigo, it was lovely!

  11. I have been thinking about making another one. I really like mine! Yours will look lovely in those colours.

  12. del

    My secret is out, I haven’t knit a Clap either! Wow, you succumbed. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out; lovely colors you’re using.

  13. Like you I haven’t been taken in by Clapotis! Should I say ‘yet’? Oh, the Monkey socks you will like! Never say never, right?

  14. hehehehehe you have “got” the Clap!! The pattern does grow on you. When I finished I couldnt imagine making another, all those repeats, Over and over, yuk! But am startting to get the feeling I should knit another. BTW, love the colour.

  15. ps The Ball of yarn looks like a birthday cake with one candle on it. And it looks yummy!!!!

  16. That’s a yarn for a clappy! I still haven’t made one, but I one day I shall. Oh, yes. It will be mine.

  17. I was the same when I first saw clapotis, but I knit my first one last year and was so thrilled with it, I knit a clapotis noro scarf as well.Great colourway and look forward to the finished photos.

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