With this weather, you’ll need a hat!

I promised my Melbourne friend J a hat. Some time ago. For her birthday. Which was in January. But you know, it’s hot in Australia in January, so no rush. No rush at all. I even bought the yarn for her, in New York, in her colour.

With my visit to Melbourne looming, it was clearly time to cast on her le Slouch. As the yarn is 8ply (DK) and the pattern is written for a worsted yarn, I had to rewrite it to get the right size. Fortunately this worked first go, or else I’m not sure I would have got it finished in time for the visit (well, as it turned out, I finished it while I was there, but that’s ok!). And it was most definitely cold enough to need a hat!

she loves it! (phew!)


Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, 1 x 50g skein, col 32 lot 101 – only 1 skein – I was amazed (in fact, slightly less than a skein, how good is that!). This yarn knits up so gorgeously – soft, light, drapey. Just beautiful. Now I want to buy me some more!
Pattern: Knit and Tonic’s Le Slouch, modified for 8ply/DK weight yarn. Love the crown shaping on this – double decreases – so cool!
Sticks: 4.5mm 40cm bamboo circular, then 4.5mm bamboo dpns.
Time: 8 June 2007 – 17 June 2007
What I learnt: Not to forget taking my dpns to Melbourne with me (had to buy new ones – oh well, you can never have too many sticks – quite fortunate really, as J is using them to knit her boyfriend scarf, using the Yarn Harlot pattern and Rowan Summer Tweed.)



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9 responses to “With this weather, you’ll need a hat!

  1. totally cute hat! and the yarn looks so lovely. of course you have to have some more.

  2. oh it’s beautiful!! It suits J perfectly!

  3. amy

    I love that hat. Thank you for pointing us to the pattern. I’ve saved it. And that blue is gorgeous.

  4. Damn you Rose Red! Now I have to maek a le slouch to add to my collection of Beret style hats, noooooooooooooooooooooo!

  5. Was this the hat you were knitting at Snoozen’s the other night?

  6. Lovely, lovely. Was that the hat you were knitting on at SnB? I remember it was blue…PS: Shaz, le slouch will look great on you, but after the socks. You must knit the socks, first!

  7. Oh my! I want that hat! Lucky friend to have you – clever girl!!

  8. Oh I like the Le Slouch! Great colour too.

  9. Love both! The texture and color combo on the scarf is beautiful; wish I was hip enough to wear a beret. Maybe I’ll try it, and if I feel too much like people are pointing and laughing, I’ll give it away. At least I’ll have knitted something cool, right?

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