Would you like some extra meat with that?

On the weekend I went to a birthday lunch with friends, to a ribs restaurant (a child-friendly venue!). I can’t remember the name of it, something along the lines of Ribs All Round, or All You Can Eat Meat, or Vegetarians ‘R’n’t Us – you get the picture.

Upon reading the menu, we were somewhat taken with the “BBQ Chicken” option. A WHOLE BBQ chicken. And the 750g steak (that’s 1.6 pounds in the US). And of course the 1.1kg of ribs – which of course is what I (stupidly) ordered, assuming that at least half of it would be bones. Husby ordered a burger.

You can’t really see it in this pic, but the meat patty was almost 2.5cm/1″ thick!!!

And did I mention the menu strictly forbade the sharing of main meals (we did ponder how they would police that). And did I also mention you got a choice of a jacket potato, with lashings of sour cream, or chips. Just wanted to make it clear that the meals involved no greenery at all – unless you ordered a salad (“sized to share”!).

That’s one huge rack of pork ribs and two, yep count’em two racks of lamb ribs underneath.

In the event that I ever think it is a good idea to order this many ribs again, please remind me of this experience. Say no to the ribs. Back away from the meat.



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19 responses to “Would you like some extra meat with that?

  1. Holy hardening arteries Batman! As a former vegetarian, I do love a good meat-fest every so often, but that is one huge pile of ribs. Though I have to admit, those pics have got my tastebuds arced up, even at 9am! WTF with the “no sharing” rule? Surely as a *restaurant*, providing a *service*, the *customer* can eat what they wish? Maybe they skipped that class in restaurant school….

  2. Yeah but on the upside, you’d have a good iron count now. 🙂

  3. Did they let you take the leftovers home in a ‘doggy bag’? Our local ribs restaurant is always willing to wrap my leftover ribs in foil and let me take them home! (and the servings are not 1.1kg!)No sharing of main meals but salads sized to share – go figure!

  4. Thanks for reminding me Lynne – they did NOT allow you to take a doggy bag home! Such terrible waste as well!

  5. Jo

    Oh My!!! I would’ve managed about half the chips, if that, and bugger their no sharing rule!!!

  6. Well… at least the burger has *some* greens in it.. Or is that just decoration?? 😉

  7. The burger looks yummy though… and I see some green stuff sticking out. Now I’m hungry. Thanks. 🙂

  8. Are you serious – no doggy bag? Sheeba would love those ribs/bones!

  9. We have soup for dinner that night. But I can’t wait to go back – I hear they now have a new dish on the menu: “The Noah’s Ark Special – Two of Every Animal”

  10. Grrr… “have” -> “had”

  11. My husband absolutely LOVES a leftover. He would be exceptionally keen on this eating established and all of its meat. Oh bummer…I just read that they don’t allow a doggie bag. My goodness, how does that work? Once you buy the food, it should be yours, right? WeirdI hope you had a good time anyway. Also, yes that is JJ’s that Ennavic sent me. That is a new one to me and it really is beautiful. I feel blessed!

  12. OMG! That is enough to make you trun vegetarian!!! I dont like the no sharing rule. I dont like it at all! But then again I dont like being told what to do!! I am a rebel! And I am breaking away!!!!! 😉

  13. OMG, that is one huge meal! Have you eaten since?!

  14. I *love* ribs, but even Fred Flintstone couldn’t have made it through that!!

  15. Mental note RR if you ever return go for the kids option one large lamb rib!

  16. del

    LOL, I thought we only overfed people here in the U.S. Good grief, that’s a LOT of meat.

  17. Ooooof – that’s a lot of meat! And what’s this ‘no sharing’ lark? Rude buggers.

  18. A US chain of some sort? They are hugely into the eat, eat, and eat some more mentality. And we follow blindly behind. The waste, greed, gluttony … just stomach turning.

  19. Rose Red and I ordered the same thing. However, unlike RR I did not lose my mind and for a change stopped when I was full. Smugness is sure to be cast up to me when the next time I have just an extra bite. Extra bite can make all the difference between delightfully sated and ohmigod I feel ill.I also made sure I had plenty of salad.It was an obscene amount of meat. I left the second lot of lamb ribs. Incredibly wasteful not letting us take a doggy bag. Wonder what they do with all the leftovers? Hopefully not redistributed to future diners!

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