More pretties

More pretties from the Craft Fair:

Shade card from Bendigo – because, hey, I have some limits and buying huge balls of well-priced good quality yarn was outside the limit (I almost can’t believe I just wrote that!!) but you never know when you might need some and it’s good to be prepared!

And the fabric from Patchwork on Central Park (colours of the moment – orange and blue, which I discovered is Denyse Schmidt fabric, as a I trawled through their site last night – except for the Olivia fabric, which I bought because I just love Olivia – a most precocious piglet who dreams of being a Degas ballerina, a diva like Maria Callas, a painter like Jackson Pollock and most importantly, loves to wear red!)

I think I may have to take a day off work to get the sewing machine out!



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9 responses to “More pretties

  1. You didn’t buy Bendigo when it was right there in front of you? Such restraint! The shade cards of very useful though.Yes, take the day off! I feel like I need to do just do get a massive amount done on the jacket sleeve!

  2. amy

    I loved the pictures yesterday of the yarn, and now the vibrant fabric. This fair sounds AMAZING. Thanks for sharing! (So much prettier than the pictures on my blog!!!)

  3. You’ve ended my day with a nice laugh!!! Uh Oh! How on earth are you going to divide your time in knitting, sewing and baking?

  4. bravo on the shade cards! now that’s smart thinking (and buying) :)i should learn to be so smart, eh.

  5. OMG the Olivia fabric is just gorgeous – we need to get some of that for OUR Olivia!

  6. ok, I am bringing the shade card from Nundle on Saturday ‘cos (in my opinion) it sh**s all over Bendigo in quality and colours!!! Very jealous about the material, Beeeooooouuuutiful!!

  7. ps woops, didnt mean to sound so vehment! I think that large glass of red has gone to my head!!! But seriously, Nundle is fabo!!

  8. del

    Why don’t we ALL take a day off? Heh. The fabrics are so pretty.

  9. Can’t beat that Bendi for value. Love the fabric colours.

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