Sockapalooza: One down, one to go!

Yippee! Finally finished the first Traveler’s Stocking.
Oh my. I only had a few rows to go last night, and the sewing in of the ends, but I had to have a break from knitting afterwards! Have less than a month until deadline so have to get on to sock #2.

I decided to go with the eye of partridge heel, which I’m really happy about. The sock, which I haven’t blocked yet, is just a wee bit tight (on my foot/leg) and I think the standard slip stitch heel would have pulled it in a bit more.

I am very proud of this sock though – it’s been a challenge but I think it looks great. There’s a bit of pooling on the leg and striping on the foot, but I think the colours are soft enought that it works quite well with this pattern.

Lucky I bought a second skein of this yarn – just in case – because I think I’m going to need it! Only 40g left of a 100g skein…thank goodness for foresight!
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11 responses to “Sockapalooza: One down, one to go!

  1. oh I remember your concerns early on about not having enough. Good work. That is one stunning sock. You should be proud.I think I will try eye of partridge heel on my next socks.

  2. Yeah, I learned about not having enough yarn the hard way!! Her new skeins are bigger though, so we mustn’t be alone in running short.

  3. gorgeous sock. Is that yarn from the kittery? It looks exactly like the merino cashmere I am currently using. (can’t remember the colourway, something to do with a lake?)

  4. Beautiful work RR. What an elegant pattern. Well done. And yay for foresight!

  5. The sock looks beautiful! I always use eye of partridge for my heels – it looks a little more interesting than the regular slip 1 rib and I think it looks especially so with variegated yarns. Great job!

  6. What a gorgeous sock – you should be so proud of yourself – I love the photos – Oh the yarn shortage – happened to me so many times (has made me think outside the square when knitting yarn from stash which is no longer available (grrr) Congratulations on your foresight and the blogversary!

  7. Nice sock,where are you going travelling?

  8. It’s beautiful! I still can’t believe you’re giving it away! But then, you’re the gal who’s giving away KOIGU…

  9. I like the cuff, great knitting!

  10. del

    Such a pretty sock! The pattern is so soft & delicate, it works perfectly with your yarn.

  11. I love the pattern. Where can I get it? Ihave some yarn that would work with it so well. What a pretty sock.

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