Was all ready to go with the first of a two part post on, wait for it, ziplock bags and the proper use thereof for WIPs and in the stash. But then the postperson had to go and ruin my plans by delivering this to me yesterday.

Oooooh, what could it be, what could it be? (Well, clearly it’s yarn – the customs label says so, but what yarn? What colour? What a teasing sample that is attached to the outside…) And so prettily wrapped, I almost didn’t want to open it.Look at this – how good is this yarn – two skeins (TWO!!) of lovely lovely red sock yarn. But not just any red:Yes, “Rosenrot” translates to RoseRed! RoseRed sock yarn – how good is that!!! Bought for me as a present by the lovely Michele. How good and kind she is (and a very good knitter and dyer of cool indigo dyed yarn, plus has very interesting and thought-provoking posts about clothes, which of course I love!). I feel I am the luckiest knitblogger in the world! The yarn is from here – I’ve already had a peek – to find that I can get RoseRed yarn in laceweight and worsted as well – I may have to purchase some in all the yarns she offers!! And in the meantime, dream about the pattern possibilities for my RoseRed sock yarn. Mmmmm new patterns, new knitting possibilities (must.resist.casting.on.until.have.finished.sockapalooza. sock!! At least!!)



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12 responses to “Rosenrot

  1. amy

    THAT. Is some gorgeous yarn. And how cool is the name? Yay Michele! Enjoy.

  2. this is too funny. i know a bit of german but not enough and i thought that rosenrot meant well rotting roses or something like that but the color looked good and so i hoped you might overlook the name. too funny, jokes on me. looking forward to the ziplock post.

  3. Oh boy. Oh boy. that’s incredible. Absolutely lucious and stunning.You are so very lucky!

  4. What? You have some of THAT yarn? Oh how I covet thine yarn….don’t put an order in till you talk to me – cause even though I have enough sock yarn for 21 pairs of socks (counted them this morning) I still need some Wollmeise yarn…

  5. Lol! Rosenrot! That would be a cool blog name. Now down to business, the yarn is beeeooootiful! Cant wait to see the socks you make with it!

  6. Oh I second what Donyale said. I too would like to put in an order, so if you do, talk to me too!

  7. *now* I find out about a german hand-dyer!! What lovely lovely yarn – just had a peek at the site and its all lovely! What a lucky thing you are to recieve such a nice gift. Looking forward to seeing how it knits up.

  8. What a great colour that yarn is! Lucky you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. OOOh wow – you are very very lucky indeed – nothing better than surprises in the mail ๐Ÿ˜€ Better make sure you don’t take that yarn out near any other knitters, it may mysteriously disappear!

  10. kms

    that wool is so beautiful it made me cry. what gorgeous socks you will make with it. *swoon*

  11. Very lovely yarn and thanks for the link. Check out the meterage on that lace yarn! 530m for a mere 26 euros (pause while she checks the currency converter)… that’s AUD$41.50. Dang, those euros are sneaky.

  12. del

    How beautiful is that yarn! And named after you to boot. Lovely.

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