Yes it’s Trellis!

Most of you got the hint posted last Friday – the (if I may say so myself) lovely cables are the back of Trellis, blocking in the hint of sun we had in Sydney the weekend before last. Of course, as always seems to happen, almost as soon as I’d pinned it out, the sun went away and I eventually had to bring it inside to finish drying. Not to worry.

Then it took me another week to psych myself up to sew it up – a task which has as its only redeeming feature that you end up with a complete garment at the end of it! And boy, was this worth it. I love love love this little cardi. I wish I could shrink myself so I could wear it! I just hope it fits the intended recipient, my nephew L!
Details: Pattern: Trellis, from Knitty. I really like this pattern – once I got over my initial cursing of the twisted cable stitches, which I hated, but then grew to admire once I saw the effect and got used to doing the twist. It’s just a shame it doesn’t come in larger sizes (the largest is for an 18 mo) because it is so cute – love the shawl collar and the moss (seed) stitch edges.
My only modification was to leave off the bottom buttonhole – and to be honest, I can’t remember if that is because I forgot to do the buttonhole, or if I decided to leave it off. I think tradition dictates that the bottom button of a cardi is never buttoned anyway – that’s what my dad always told me! (note – the photos above use stunt buttons only – actual buttons pictured below)

Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton shade 219 lot 21B6 (Dusky I think is the shade name – a lovely dusty dark blue, with almost a hint of purple) – the pattern calls for 5 balls but I had to order some more, which thankfully were the same dyelot! I think I ended up using just over 6 balls. Quite neatly, each sleeve took exactly one ball. I was most pleased with that! I don’t know why, but it made me very happy!

Sticks: 5mm bamboo straights. I started this pattern BKPO (Before KnitPicks Options), or else I would have definitely used those – a nice pointy stick is good for the twisted cables! As usual, upsized the sticks from the 4.5mm recommended by the pattern to accommodate my tight tension.
Time: Sigh. Not a quick knit for me, as usual because I’ve got too many things on the go! Started on 3 March 2007, finished (buttons and all – see above and below) on 24 July 2007 – just in time, I hope, for continued cold weather!What I learnt: My first experience of aran style knitting. I don’t know enough about aran knitting to know if this pattern is a true aran pattern or not – but hey, it’s got cables and moss stitch and all, so it’s close enough for me! I’m not sure I could do an adult aran jumper/cardi – such a lot of work! But it was worth it, most definitely!



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20 responses to “Yes it’s Trellis!

  1. Really stunning RR – I adore the colour. Im sure it will look fabulous on the intended recipient (any chance of a modelled pic, d’you think?). Well done with all that tricky cable work.

  2. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Love the pattern, love the colour, love the quality knitting. Love it Love it love it!It is a shame that the pattern is not in adult sizes, though 😦 Your nephew is going to look cute in it!

  3. Magnificent! No other word for it. Just beautiful. What a great way to get the aran-work done without being bogged down in something so big you’re not sure you’ll ever finish it. You must be so proud.And I love the use of stunt buttons!i second Georgie’s comment – we need a modelled pic!

  4. del

    WOW! You did an awesome job. That cardi is too, too cute.

  5. amy

    Beautiful! I love the color, too.

  6. I remember this from our SnB! It’s bautiful. You’re a good aunty.

  7. Amy

    Lovely! The color is very nice. The cables were definitely well worth it!

  8. What a great colour for a little boy. Fab job – I love it!

  9. Ann

    It looks fabulous & your 1st Aran project – you have done very well. Congrats!

  10. How lucky is SIL and L to have you.Absolutely gorgeous…tried three times to leave this so hopefully you won’t get it three times, but if you do then it just shows how much I mean it!

  11. Oh well done – how gogeous – I’m in awe – just beautiful – please attach a note which says ‘Dear X, I knitted these 45, 000 stitches for you and spent 3 months of my life – appreciate it!’Just to make sure the recipient understands the work it took!

  12. So very fabulous!!!! I understand wanting to shrink yourself so you can wear it!!!! Take a picture of little nephew in it. Does his mom know you were knitting it?

  13. Beautiful cardigan RR, love the colour and the detail in your cable work! I’m sure your nephew will love it too!!Ps.Thankyou for the welcome to blogland 🙂

  14. Think I left my thanks on the wrong post! Typical – thanks – tried to email you but can’t find an address – ThanksCeri

  15. That’s a lovely pattern and the ASC is a great yarn to knit with too. Always gives a great result.

  16. Oh my goodness – that is absolutely superb! I bet your nephew looks wonderful in it and gets lots of wear from it. The colour’s lovely and rich too 🙂

  17. Absolutely gorgeous – great work for your first attempt at aran knitting. I drool over patterns like this one all the time but not sure I have enough patience…

  18. FABULOUS! What a lucky nephew! Such a great color, too.

  19. mmmmmmmmmmmm, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  20. Your trellis looks awesome. I made one of these last year. It took almost three days to dry – luckily I was blocking it a whole week before the shower. 🙂

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