Sockapalooza – slogging along

Oh dear. As I suspected, not only am I going to be a leeeetle late finishing these socks, I’m not going to have enough yarn to finish either. Gah!

Lucky for forward planning…

I reckon I’ll have these finished by the weekend, blocked and ready to post on Monday – so only a leeeetle late. Sorry sockpal! No doubt I’ll add a few little goodies to the package to make up for it!!

Now I’ll just have to find a pattern for a short pair of socks to use up the leftover of sken #2. Or possibly a nice contrast yarn to do heels and toes…yes I think that’s do-able!



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17 responses to “Sockapalooza – slogging along

  1. those socks are looking SO GREAT. Good job and thank god for the forward planning. Looks like it paid off. I’m sure I saw some great short socks on Ravelry yesterday. You’ll be able to look for them yourself soon enough. 🙂

  2. Socks look great, what is the colourway? Just read Bels comment re Ravelry! Bah humbug 😦 (because I am jealous that I am not a ravelry member!) poobumwee!

  3. They look lovely RR, gorgeous colourway (its Waterlillies, Shaz, on my Clap shortlist!!). Your sock pal is very lucky.Thanks for the totally gratuitous ravelry mention Bells!!

  4. I am enjoying rubbing it in. Does that make me a bad person?

  5. Much Revelry about Ravelry then?? Excellent forethought, the sock looks very beautiful. I have seen a few short socks patterns…. Happy choosing!!!

  6. Ooooh, it’s about those leeeetle neeeedles… 🙂

  7. The colour of the yarn is nice, and the socks look good!

  8. Pretty, pretty socks, and gorgeous yarn to go with them. ‘Phew!’ for forward planning!

  9. Ahhhhh – but those sumptuous socks will make up for a leeeeeetle delay – so lovingly knit. Such a lovely colourway.

  10. Just stunningly gorgeous socks there – gasp – they’re NOT RED! Big relief that you’ve got enough yarn 🙂

  11. I love those cuffs! Very cool! And you know what? I’m sure your sock pal will love them just as much if they’re late!

  12. I feel really silly now I thought you were going travelling and here it is the socks doing the travelling. New at all this stuff my face is still blushing from my earlier entry.Socks look so comfy cosy

  13. You should join us in trying toe up socks! Simple little basic toe-ups are excellent use of left over sock yarn. (I’m like a toe-up evangelist now!) Love the yarn and the socks

  14. del

    Better late than never! They are so pretty, I’m sure your sockpal won’t mind 🙂

  15. Such lovely socks – lucky sockpal! With socks tahat nice it doesn’t matter HOW late they are!

  16. That is such pretty wool. It looks really soft too.

  17. Very pretty, though. What’s a few days here or there?!

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