It’s not all it’s cracked up to be

Travelling for work, that is. Sounds glamorous when you say you are going interstate for work. But what it really means is a 4 hour flight (to Perth – and 5 hours on the way back) which puts you two hours behind, and you just feel tired the first day, and even the next day and the next. (Too tired to knit much even – just to give you an idea of how tiring it really was!!) And combine it with giving 3 x 1-1.5 hour presentations each day and the fact that this is the only experience you have of daylight (ie looking out the window of the office you sit in – not that I’m complaining about the view) and you know, it’s not that much fun.

But I did get to sleep in a humungous bed and have room service banana pancakes for breakfast: And freebies:
(albeit slightly big ones – what is it with fancy hotels – the bathrobes are for skinny minnies and the slippers are for bigfoot! Hmph! But there, I was trying to show a positive and ending up being critical again. Bit of par for the course for me lately!)

Tomorrow, to Melbourne. Just for the day though. Think I shall have to start lobbying Qantas or the CAA to change the rules about knitting on the plane. Have had this rant before but still can’t believe that you can knit on US flights but not on Australian ones!!

On a brighter note, and just to bring this post back to the title, had a lovely day yesterday knitting with some good eggs (as my mum would say), which is clearly all and more that it’s cracked up to be. Heh!


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17 responses to “It’s not all it’s cracked up to be

  1. ha ha. great pun at the end there!Fabulous view!!! It’s just as i imagined it when you told me.Great to have you back and blogging!I’d forgotten you were off down south tomorrow. 😦

  2. I hear you. I have done a bit of interstate travel in the past year for work – more in two weeks to Canberra! There is not a lot of time for sightseeing or anything else for that matter. In fact, I turned down a trip to the Gold Coast later this year because it would have just been depressing to be there without family or the chance of going on a rollercoaster!

  3. Hey, I am a bad egg through and through! Just ask the people who get into lifts after me! Ahahahahahahahahahaha! Delirium has set in after walking over 14 kms today!!

  4. Ha! You CRACK me up! Ahem… It was lovely seeing you and Shaz yesterday, even if we did scare off the guy at the next table with all that talk about (.)(.)

  5. Welcome back RR, I have never been to Perth from the little you saw is it worth the journey? Enjoy Melbourne and welcome back to blogland. Great that you had such fun with some good eggs yesterday.

  6. I can’t believe you can’t knit on an airplane in Australia. This is the first bad news I hear of your ways!!! I shall have to reconsider my move there! 🙂 (Then again, perhaps this is why your airlines have the better reputation, as in “Qantas never crashes” from Rainman.) Still… what on earth do you do? I can’t focus on reading, I’m too busy keeping the plane up through sheer force of will…

  7. I recall talk of threatening husbands with DPNs so perhaps it’s wise to refuse knitting needles on planes? Sorry you didn’t get much of a chance to look around Perth. I’ve heard good things about it.

  8. so many times i sit on the plane thinking why can’t I knit…I look like a nice mummy and model citizen….I have heard of people their circulars through their underwire bra but I’d rather avoid the embarrassment at security checks…hope you’re home soon

  9. you talked about boozies? LOL!

  10. I know – did the WA trip a couple of months ago – no knitting and 2 littlies -Aaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh – I’m surprised I didn’t try to stab the flight attendants with the plastic spoons!

  11. Ann

    Can’t knit on board – that’s terrible! I was able to knit during my flight from Perth – Singapore & then Singapore – Hongkong & back again! Hope you enjoy Perth during your short stay here.

  12. Oh travel is just exhausting + not much fun at all.btw, I’ve knitted on Qantas and it was totally fine, mind you I had 2.5 bamboo dpns- maybe if you had pair of long steel 8’s it might be different!

  13. I agree with you about the knitting – I’ve just returned from NT (to Sydney), the trip to Darwin was via Adelaide (so add an hour on the ground) – I so wanted my knitting; especially on the way home (you know, when all the excitement is over!)I read somewhere about a knitter who carried textas and fishing line, made a circular needle on board and proceeded to knit a scarf!DD discovered (to her horror – she’d forgotten they were in her handbag): No scissors, no nail file, but metal tweezers are okay: who makes these regulations anyway!?

  14. My hubby would agree with you about the work and travelling thing, he never really likes it. Nice view, though…I’m travelling to Brisbane with Dotter in December to my brother’s wedding, and you wouldn’t believe what we have to go through for her to be allowed to take her diabetes gear on board (OMFG SHARP THINGS). Sigh.

  15. Oh I was going to say you stayed in the Hyatt- cause I recognised the bed photo seeing as I’ve done that crazy 1 night in Perth – meetings all day – fly home againts the time difference to land at midnight thing….but then I scrolled down and you had the slippers there and now I look like I’m cheating. But it’s true I do know that work travel sounds more glamorous than it is, especially when you’re pregnant. But at least it gets you out of the office and you had that nice view too.Boo to no knitting on planes. And I’ve given up taking my knitting on work trips, I’m always too tired to knit.

  16. Aargh! The whole knitting and Oz planes debacle!!! Here’s something to twist your brain. If you’re flying from Australia to USA you can’t take bamboo needles into the cabin but if you fly from USA to Australia you can – country of origin’s flight rules apply. Bizarre, huh?I’ve done the public service training shuffle to Perth. The AS was so suspicious that I might try to get some pleasure out of it that he determined my scheduled: I flew in on Tuesday night after work, did the sessions on Wednesday and flew out after I finished the training. Junket!?! More like bloody slave driving!(Personal resolve – must stop talking in exclamation marks)

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