(non) Argyle Slipover

A quick baby knit which I haven’t bothered to blog about before as it was basically finished before I got a chance to even think about a blog post!I’ve knitted this for a baby shower I was to be attending this Sunday – but mother-to-be is in hospital at the moment, so won’t say much just in case…baby is due in 3 weeks, so hopefully all will be ok.

Pattern: Argyle Slipover from Special Knits by Debbie Bliss. Except of course I didn’t do the argyle pattern – say no to intarsia! (one day maybe, but not on a garment that is going to be grown out of within 6 months!). I did, however, do contrast ribbing, just for something a little different!

I made the 0-3 month size, as figured it could be worn over an outfit (in cooler weather) or as a top (in warmer weather). I also converted the pattern to knit in the round to the armholes, which make so much more sense to me than knitting in pieces and seaming. I also did a 3 needle bind off on the shoulder seams. Amazing what you can do to avoid seams!!
The pattern didn’t specify how to do the button loop, so I just crocheted a chain loop to fit the button, which I had in my button box.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. 1 ball teal (col 340203 – just a tiny ball leftover), and small part of 1 ball cream (col 340005)

Sticks: 1 x 3.25mm 40cm circular for bottom rib and neckband, 1 x 3.50 mm 40cm circular for body, 3.25mm dpns for armbands.

Time: 23 July 2007 – 13 August 2007. I know that doesn’t seem very quick, but there was a big gap in there when I did nothing on this knit!!

What I learnt: If you convert something to knit in the round, and have sewn up the shoulder seams as well, you have to use dpns for the sleeves!! Not that it mattered, as it was no trouble, but I didn’t quite think that through at the start of this project.



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17 responses to “(non) Argyle Slipover

  1. Very sweet little top there 🙂 Hope the mum-to-be is OK.

  2. What a cute top! I love how you did the ribbing in contrast colour. Hope mum-to-be and the baby are ok.

  3. Oooh! That’s lovely. It’s not unlike the little vest I just made for a baby. So quick huh?And the slogan should say:Intarsia. Just say no!

  4. That is lovely, I agree about the edging in the contrast colour looking good.You won my birthday draw! Drop me an email with your details! x

  5. Meg

    cute! cute! best wishes to mum-to-be and bub.

  6. Ann

    The vest looks great & the contrasting colors are lovely. I love knitting in the round as I don’t like sewing up.

  7. You’ve made me hum ‘Almost Argyle’ now!! The little vest is lovely and I like the contrast a lot!!

  8. Lovely little vest and good luck to your friend for a happy and safe birth.

  9. Love an easy knit! I am really into teal at the moment. Gorgeous!

  10. del

    How adorable. I love the 3-needle bindoff myself–makes things so much easier.

  11. very sweet top.Congrats on winning the queen of the Frogger’s contest.What goes around comes around!!

  12. amy

    I hope the mom and baby are okay. Please let us know?My advice, not that you asked, for intarsia is to start simple. One thing, not loads of strings hanging off the back. My first intarsia was a star sweater for Nicholas, because my boy likes stars. One big star in the center–it wasn’t that bad. :)Adorable sweater, and I’d convert to the round, too. I don’t know why more patterns aren’t written that way. It’s just LOGICAL!

  13. I love it. There’s nothing cuter than a baby in a vest!

  14. Super cute and nice soothing colors. Good to know it’s a quick knit. Thank you also for your kind birthday wishes for my dad. It really meant a lot to him. 🙂

  15. So sweet. I love vests on little boys.

  16. I’m knitting on the first of a pair of Jaywalkers now but as you say more pressing knitting keeps getting in the way!The baby sweater is oh so cute. You’re such a smart knitter converting patterns!!

  17. love the top and colours are gorgeous! looks like you ‘ll be taking some cupcakes and baby shower gifts to the hospital!

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