Gotta have some socks on the sticks

For the most part of this year, I’ve had 3 pairs of socks on the sticks. Last week saw the finish of the last pair still going – while I don’t mind having many projects on the go, I was a little frustrated with myself for constantly having 3 pairs of unfinished socks. So I’m going to try and have only 1 pair on the go at any time. Of course, now that I’ve said that out loud, no doubt this weekend will see me start another pair of socks (and because of a package which arrived yesterday, I have even greater temptation to do this – but that’s for another post).
Since socks are my bus knitting, I had to cast on another pair as soon as I finished the last (well, duh!). Since husby hasn’t had a new pair of socks since Christmas, and he has been waiting so patiently for his jumper, I thought he deserved a new pair of socks. I even used sock yarn from my stash (although I have come to the realisation that Knit from your Stash is dead to me, dead. Clearly I was optimistic about my abilities to curtail my shopping habits when I signed myself up for that! Sigh).So here is the first – more from the genius of Nancy Bush – Spey Valley, from Knitting on the Road. If you are a sock knitter and don’t have this book, I highly recommend it. I plan on making almost every sock from this book!

I thought this pattern would be ok with the variegated yarn (Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in “Camouflage”) – it’s ok, not perfect but ok. Enough pattern to keep me interested but very easy and good commute knitting. And a very clever sideways braid (which Nancy calls Vikkel Braid) which you can see above, about an inch from the cast on edge.
I bought this colourway because I thought it was a good manly colourway. I’m not sure that if I had my time again I would repeat the purchase – the brown is a bit too “poo” for my liking, and I’m not quite down with the whole camouflage thing. But the yarn itself – lovely – soft – fab to knit with! And no pooling – yet!


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14 responses to “Gotta have some socks on the sticks

  1. tee hee. You said ‘poo’ in a blog post. *snigger*And you said ‘down with’ – snigger again. I needed a giggle. Thank you.Oh and I like the look of them very much. MUST BUY A NEW SOCK BOOK!

  2. Like the pattern – with you re the yarn – there’s more than enough poo in my life – sigh I have only one pr socks on needles at present – plain plain but will soon have a Happy Clappy – when the a-maizing arrives from ecoyarns – started Juno last night – and me too – I fell off the stash wagon early on!

  3. I can always overdye it for you….to get rid of the poooooooo, pooooopy, poooooo poooo.

  4. amy

    argh!!! my boys would love this post simply for all the poop references. good thing they can’t read. I have enough trouble getting them to stop making up reasons to talk about poop. And when there IS poop (one isn’t potty trained yet) do you think he tells me? No. Argh. Boys.At any rate, I think your poo color is showing up a little coral-ish on my monitor. And I’m very glad of that. I’m with tinkingbell. Enough poo in my life!

  5. oh and I meant to say that Knit from Your Stash is dead to me too. I came to this realisation some time ago. But it was good while it lasted.

  6. hahahaha! POOOOOOOOOOOOO!great minds think alike Bells! pooey, poopy poo poo!

  7. Poo! We must live sheltered lives to geta kick out of saying poo poo!!! Oh well. I kinda like the camo color. It sure looks different in the skein than all knit up! Husby will love them regardless of the poo!

  8. RR thanks for your kind thoughts. There is way to much POO in my life at present! H is certainly a very lucky man to have such a talented W. Can I put a request in now for next year in Feb for you know whos, not really 40th birthday for you to knit him a pair of socks

  9. Oh, p**! This is why I stopped buying LL – the colours were never as expected. Of course, I’d have to see it in real life, so bring it to SnB. [It looks great in the cake shot!]

  10. del

    Knit from your stash? What in the world is that?? LOL. I feel your pain, I had to cast on for socks recently…I’m still trying to finish WIPs but I couldn’t resist the socks. The camo effect is pretty cool.

  11. OK – I will not at all talk about Poo. I’m into that sideways braid thing – very cool. Not at all poopy. But what I really want to know is why on earth would you restrict yourself to one sock at a time?! Puh-lease! You gotta have more than one going depending on what you’re doing right? The mindless kind so you can watch the TV, the concentrating kind for when you have a little more time, and the chart kind for when you think life is just a little too easy and you feel you have been too nice to people and need something to make you cranky.

  12. kim

    I dunno, I like it. The colorway looks beautiful in the first picture. I’d keep going, but I’m a glutton for punishment. 😉

  13. I really like that colourway. And your Lorna’s Laces is gorgeous. Maybe you should give your tired stash to me and buy all new yarn 😀

  14. Ann

    The colors look alright to me & the pattern is nice. I am also addicted to sock knitting & always have at least one sock on the needles – now I have 2!

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