I’m not a serial competition enterer, promise!

In a stroke of brilliant timing, just when I needed a pick me up, a package arrived from Jody – my prize for winning her scavenger hunt!

Look – lovely Koigu – I couldn’t get the colour quite right – a fab blend of pinks, reds, orange, burgundy, even a bit of brown, just gorgeous.And sugar’n’cream – except that I’m really trying to hold myself back from starting anything new, I would have cast on for a quick and easy dishcloth tonight!

And finally, some great handmade sock project bags (well, any small project really, but I’ll mainly use them for socks, I’d say!), post-its, chocolate and a sheepy card. The bags have a neat flat base, and a really cool construction method – I’m going to use these as a pattern to make some more! So generous Jody, thank you for your kindness, which arrived just at the right time!

After my post yesterday, Bells and I discussed her suggestion for a “Summer of Socks Down Under”. A great way to bust some sock yarn stash, maybe make your Christmas knitting a bit more fun, try some new patterns and techniques, and ensure you’ll have plenty of socks for winter. And of course, anyone can do it, not just Aussies! What do you think? Is anyone in?


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19 responses to “I’m not a serial competition enterer, promise!

  1. I’m so sad that I missed out on Summer of Socks. I’ve been wondering if I can bear to wait for next summer in the U.S. I would love to join yours, I’ll be watching for more details (I’ve never done any knit-a-longs or any of these joining things before)

  2. Yummy, yummy goodies. Love it. I loooove the koigu. And I have that Sugar and Cream I think. Cool sock bags!And I think the summer of socks down under is a brilliant idea – of course I would say that though. It was OUR idea and we rock!

  3. While I’m tempted to creep over to your house and sneak that gorgeous Koigu away – you’ve short circuited that idea with the summer of socks! – What a fab idera – count me in – I’ve been distracted and your Koigu is safe!

  4. That Koigu is just stunning – it is the most wonderful stuff to knit with!Like the Summer of Socks idea – what would it entail?Hope you’re feeling happier (((hugs)))

  5. Meg

    Ahh, Russel Stover chocolates – a name from my distant past. Mrs Redman down the street was widely lauded as the best person to go to for Hallowe’en trick/treats because she always handed out Russel Stovers.Also, just thought you’d like to know that the down-under summer sock thing has had a previous incarnation here: http://socksummer.blogspot.com/ (It carried on into winter, hence the title change evident in the banner.)I think you should feel free to start up your own summer sock thing though! Or contact the creator of socksummer to see if it could be revived? (I think it was Taryn from http://www.fuzzyorangebear.blogspot.com)

  6. Ann

    You are so lucky to receive all those goodies! The Summer of Socks is a great idea as I have not known of any KALs downunder. I am in!

  7. Jody’s parcels are the best! I’ve received a couple from here also – very beautiful and generous. Summer of Socks: I would if I could but I’ll be gone most of Jan… 🙂

  8. kim

    Great goodies, especially the pretty Koigu.

  9. For some reason the sugar and cream makes me hungry? I think I’ll have to be in the Summer of Socks Cheer squad…I’m still not finished my first sock that I cast on in January…I was scared of the heel and now I’m scared of the toe. I think I need to come sit with you guys in ur little cafe meets when I’m in Sydney next so I can get some coaching (look at me inviting myself along…it’s OK BP and Shazmina can vouch for me!)

  10. I never understood why it is “summer” of socks. Maybe the alliteration? I mean, I don’t wear socks in the summer if I can help it. Winter of socks makes more sense, at least to me. But I think that whatever brings people together to have a good time is a good thing (as Martha would say)

  11. Dear Chick,socks sounds perfect, since all I ever knit in summer is left over bits into squares for piecing in winter, sock will make a nice change.Count me in.

  12. Hey RR, I would love to be included in the summer of socks but I would need your help in a big way. You would need to teach me how to follow a pattern, instruct me on what I need to make a basic sock etc. Congratulations on your big win. They certainly seem to link back to when you are having a big BLAH day. What a way to brighten you up with items to inspire. ENJOY

  13. I love that the universe is smiling on you, very well deserved present. As for that Sadie and Lance, I cant vouch for her, she is a bit of a crazy softie maker-er!! 😉 mwahahahaha!

  14. Great loot! What a fun package!

  15. Hey RR,What a wonderful package, lovely yarn, yummy chocolate and gorgeous project bags, lucky lucky you! :):)

  16. What a gorgeous package, lucky you! Now that I am a Sock Knitter (buffs fingernails on puffed up chest!) I’ll be in on the Summer of Socks Downunder! I am awaiting more details!

  17. kms

    summer of socks sounds good to me, they’re the only thing i stand to knit in the heat and i have SOOOO many sock-presents to knit i will need some added motivation. and that koigu is to die/murder for….

  18. Summer of socks – mmm? I could be interested. Does nine pairs of socks finished in three months sound a bit too obsessive? LOL

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