SHOESday: Wedding Shoes

If yesterday was Monday, today must be SHOESday! Today’s edition: my wedding shoes.

Before I was married, I had often toyed with the idea of wearing a red wedding dress (hmm, red dress – me – who’d a thunk it??!!). I used to tease husby about this after we got engaged, and he swore that if I walked down the aisle in a red dress he wouldn’t marry me (I’m pretty sure he was joking…).

Anyway, reality got the better of me, partly because I’d look like a huge beetroot in a red fooffy wedding dress and also because, you know, what colour would my bridesmaids wear?? So I wore the traditional white dress, but I thought hang it, I’m going to wear red shoes at least! It’s not like anyone can see them under a long dress anyway!

And so when I saw these, I knew they had to be mine. Our wedding was in February (that’s summer, people!) and I did NOT plan on wearing stockings, nor did I plan on particularly high heels (husby is only a little taller than me, and besides, if I was going to standing up a lot, I didn’t want to have sore feet at the end of the night). So sandals were perfect.

Red suede sandals with a cool heel and flower trim – are these not the most perfect wedding shoes ever! (Well, they were for me, anyway). (And for the record, my bridesmaids wore purple…)



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23 responses to “SHOESday: Wedding Shoes

  1. Gorgeous! Just lovely. From the photo I’ve seen, they accented your wedding day look perfectly. I could wear a red dress because I didn’t have bridesmaids. Oh and hubby said if I wore white he wouldn’t marry me! :-)Do you still wear them?

  2. Beeeoooootttttiiiifffuuuulll! (I want I want) Sure you looked great! – I wore turquoise at my wedding but then we sort of eloped and…tell you later! – but turquoise and red are my favourite colours!

  3. Bells, I still wear them, but not very much (so many shoes, only two feet…I have it pretty hard, don’t I!!)

  4. Love it! Love the shoes, and love that they were not white! When I marry ( I decided a couple of months ago I would give it a try. Now just have to find someone I want to marry!) I wont be wearing white, or maybe even shoes. I might do the white bikini thing ala Pammie! hahahahahahahahaha splat (just fell off my chair!)

  5. Beautiful shoes Wicked J. You looked lovely on your wedding day. I haven’t forgotten the impish look on your face when you lifted your skirt to show us your pretty red shoes

  6. Ah, the bridesmaids may have been dressed in purple, but inside they were green with envy! 😉

  7. Hey RR, I also remember your glee at presenting your feet to us and showing off the shoes. I am sure we have a group pic where the shoes are the focal point. Because you have made it Shoesday I have posted a pic of my shoes and Es favourite princess ballerinas. Your shoes actually co-ordinate nicely with our bedspread! They were lovely then and still are.

  8. amy

    Those are great! I wore sandals to my wedding, too. White ones, but I painted my toenails blue. (“Something blue,” you know!)

  9. What gorgeous shoes. They are so unusual, and they look comfortable too. Now I look for comfort in my shoes!!! A green wedding dress for me I think!!!

  10. I love the flowers. I probably wouldn’t have worn them when I was the age I got married (in 1981) because I was raised to be serious and my mother was not a feminine woman. Today, I would leap at them! They are so feminine and lovely.

  11. Well, I might not break a leg in those, unlike the last pair!!! I might buy something like that for a special one time occasion but otherwise I live a plain shoe life! Currently wearing my Keds!

  12. those are so pretty. i never would have thought of wearing red sandals – how smart.

  13. Absolutely fabulous, love love love the shoes.

  14. del

    How perfect! You make my cream wedding shoes incredibly boring by comparison 😉

  15. Lovely, dainty and feminine shoes! Perfect for a summer wedding. And such a sensible heel!

  16. Ooooh, how beautiful!! Very summery.

  17. Yay for non white brides! I wore burgundy with black shoes (which I still wear nearly 10 years later) and my bridesman refused to wear tafetta, so I made him a nice green vest to match the best womans dress!

  18. GORGEOUS sandals! Love those little garlands of flowers over your cute feets!

  19. You know, for Hindus red is a wedding color. Traditionally the women wear red saris.That may not have convinced your husband, though. It’s like my Dad, who (when I told him that I could eat with my elbows on the table because Italians do it) informed me that we weren’t Italian.

  20. Em

    Wow! Those are the perfect shoes for a summer wedding, and how neat that you had your little bit of red at your wedding. The flowers are so feminine and pretty. What did the dress look like?

  21. What cute and adorable wedding shoes, I’m thinking what would be the best style and color for my wedding…

  22. lovely! I too wore red shoes on my wedding day. My dress was a pale Champagne gold, and my bridesmaids wore red.It's the colour of love, after all!

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