Socks are gooooooooooOOOOOOOOO!

Have been looking forward to 1 October, planning planning planning, thinking thinking thinking.

Got my sticks (KnitPicks circs for socks on two circs and magic loop) and some lovely coral stitchmarkers, all from the very talented Donni (Knitpicks here, stitchmarkers here).

Got my sock yarn (enough for 36 pairs of socks. Or maybe 37 pairs, I can’t remember now…)
Picked my first yarn (The Knittery Merino Cashmere sock yarn, in “Cherries”).Wound it into a ball (or cherrycake). And cast on! Yippee

So I am love love loving knitting with this yarn – the colour is so fabulous and watching it change from rich red to burgundy to brown and back again is giving me an enormous amount of pleasure (more pleasure any non-knitter could imagine you could get from yarn, I’d say!). Although given my often expressed dislike for moss/seed stitch, I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to knit a whole sock (pretty much) in 1×1 rib, which is, you know, just even moss stitch. Can you tell the pattern? (there’s a pretty strong hint in the photo!!)

PS – SHOESday tomorrow (since it will still be SHOESday in some parts of the world!)



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16 responses to “Socks are gooooooooooOOOOOOOOO!

  1. ooh, you’re brave taking on that one!good luck!

  2. Happy start to Southern Summer of Socks! 🙂

  3. Oh it’s soooo beautiful! I so have to knit with something from the knittery. I feel so left out.Honestly, your pomatomus socks are going to be gorgeous! Ok, I’m cheating. I already knew that’s what you were knitting!

  4. Brave you – lovely yarn – yep – love to watch lovely yarn unfold into something else on my needles!

  5. kim

    Oooh, great choice. I used that wool to make Child’s First Sock. Knit most of it on a train trip. I love the color, which reminds me a lot of the Malabrigo Pagoda I just finished using. Oh, and the Knitpicks needles – I can’t say enough good things about them!

  6. October 2 and I still cant decide what sock pattern to start with! Yikes!! The poms will be gorgeous!

  7. Love that red! I’ll start soon… 🙂

  8. Lots of sock yarn! The potomotomotomouses will be great!!!

  9. OOOh, it’s Pomatomus – it’ll look fabulous, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the pattern, it’s much more interesting than plain K1 P1 rib 🙂

  10. I have picked up that pattern two or three times and always put it back. It looked to be more trouble than it was worth. But now that I am mastering stranded color socks, I feel like I am ready for anything! The subtle changes in color also fascinate me as I knit. I know it’s weird but I love to see how the colors build on one another and then change.

  11. That’s more sock yarn than I’ve seen in one place besides a knit shop!! You must have robbed some bank to get it all.The burgandy wine yarn is luscious! Might as well make it a 365 sock goal!!!!

  12. del

    Look at all the yummy sock yarn! And I love the color of your sock. I don’t know if I could do 1×1 rib that long, either, but good luck!

  13. wow – 36 or 37 pairs. that’s amazing. like diana that’s the most sock yarn i’ve seen in one place other than a yarn store. i love what you’ve started with the knittery cherry yarn.

  14. Beautiful colour… socks seem too difficult for me… I have knitted so many in my head… can’t wait to see your progress

  15. kms

    i have such ridiculous stash envy im sure its not healthy! and that yarn is just too much gorgeousness for one pair of socks….drools…..

  16. Ann

    I used the same yarn & color for the Swallowtail Shawl & it’s gorgeous – great choice!

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