Best blog name ever?

At one point, I was collecting blog names (pretty much knitting/crafting blogs, of course) that appealed to me – clever puns, funny names, not so clever puns even (I do love a pun, it can be good or groanworthy, I’ll still appreciate it). Of course, in amongst the pile of crap on my desk, I’ve lost the list…but I came across a couple recently which I liked and thought I’d share:

knitasha von stashenskein – this one tickles my fancy

joy of socks – well, how could I not like this one??!!

What are your favourite blog names?



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13 responses to “Best blog name ever?

  1. they’re good ones! Joy of socks I knew, but not the other. That’s cute.I like a new one that just started, Knit and Make ( – I don’t know how to do links in comments!

  2. Ann

    Knitters are really creative & the blog names are usually good – I don’t have a favorite as I like all of them!

  3. dogged. – love the name, love the dog and love Ashley. 🙂

  4. And how can we not love Shazmina Bendi Designs after finding out what the Bendi stands for?

  5. oh yeah! Shazmina. tee hee. I’ve always loved that one!

  6. awwww shucks guys! You are too cute! Thanks goodness a dodgy ex-boyfriend is good for something hey! 😉

  7. RR I remember what fun we had trying to come up with a blog name for Miss Fi. I wonder what happened to our EXCELLENT suggestions?

  8. del

    There are so many! I think some of my favorite names (and these aren’t necessarily blogs I read or read all the time) contain some unique spin on knitting terms. I also like “Yarn Abuse” which is a pretty funny blog.

  9. Em

    I’m not sure I have a favorite yet, as I’m still new to the knitting blog scene. I do like a pun in the title, and I have a certain fondness for bad ones. Clever ones are fun, too, but, well, bad puns just have so much personality, you know?

  10. good question. going to have to think about this and come back.

  11. I like the silly names, Artyfartykat is one!

  12. Knitasha is my favourite, and was even before she knit me Bayerische for Sockapalooza. Now she’s my favourite because she’s a gorgeous person and a top-shelf e-friend.

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