Call that a library? That’s not a library!

About this time last year, I posted pictures of my knitting books. While I clearly cannot yet claim to have a knitting library, I have made quite a few additions…mainly thanks to Borders discount vouchers and the trip to New York.

Borders just needs to get some new books in…I’ve run out of things there that I need. At least in the city store. Perhaps I need to find one in the ‘burbs.

Now my books and magazines cover a whole shelf of the bookshelf (last year it was about half).

I also have two folders (yes, one is a Buffy folder!) for loose/free patterns – these folders even have tabs and plastic sheets and everything! Now I just have to find the time to sort the loose patterns and folder-ise them…Oh yeah, and knit stuff from all the books!! Hmmm, maybe a new challenge is in order – once SSoS is over!



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19 responses to “Call that a library? That’s not a library!

  1. amy

    Very nice!! I love the binder idea, too. I should do that. I have loads of printed out stuff shoved in a folder. What a mess!

  2. ooh, so many in there that are on my list! But you have hit on the perrenial problem – so many patterns, so little time to knit….

  3. I like how they’re alphabetized, too…!

  4. What a fantastic collection – make sure you search all knitting visitors before they leave your place ;)I like the idea of a ‘knit from your books & mags’ challenge – I’d definitely be in that!!

  5. I like that challenge. I also like the box for the magazines. Mine are taking up space in a tote that could be space for yarn.

  6. Ann

    Your library looks so organised. I am running out of space for my knitting stuff which need some organising.

  7. Nice library! Mine is much less extensive, and I’m going with the ‘stack’ system of storing loose leaf and computer printout patterns. I like to think it makes finding things a fun and exciting challenge, but really it just annoys me.

  8. you’ve got some great books there! are you thinking about doing anything from Knitting Nature? i’ve been looking at the Honeycomb Henley. the skirts looks cool too.

  9. kim

    You are much more organized than I. And I think that’s quite the library. I have got to get more organized.

  10. I’ve long been envious of your book collection. Especially once I saw how much of it there was on your Ravelry library. Like I said before, it makes you a difficult person to buy book gifts for!!! My little collection is so pathetic.

  11. Wow you certainly have a great collection. I am not sure if I actually own any knitting books post 1980s.Looks like you may have to go on another overseas trip to expand your library or write a new book yourself.

  12. What a library. I would get into lots of trouble if I started collecting knitting books. DH doesn’t know about the ones in the bottom of the closet….:)

  13. del

    I see quite a few books you have that I really want…A Gathering of Lace, for one. I agree, Borders does need to get new books. I order from Amazon if I just can’t find what I want in the stores.

  14. What a fab collection – all that inspiration in one place.

  15. I would love to spend time browsing your books, you have some very nice ones there! I tend to get a lot from Amazon rather than the local book store as they are cheaper and a much wider variety, and i love getting parcels!

  16. Em

    I always find myself a wee touch tiny bit jealous of knitters with shelf space. At the moment, I have nowhere to put books, so, much as it pains me, I don’t collect them. Yet. Two more months, and I will have bookshelves. *maniacal grin*The knit from your magazines and books idea is a good one, and an interesting challenge.

  17. Wow that is quite a collection! (Mine looks so dismal compared to this!) I like your taste in knitting books ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. OMG!! I now have book & shoe envy, sooo many books I still have to get and I adore those red shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

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