SHOESday: Laces!

No, not lace. Laces.

A SHOESday post by Catsmum’s daughter Nadie last week inspired me to post my own lace up shoes. I bought these little beauties from Jigsaw in London (the King’s Road shop, the old one not the new one) – as it almost always is, I couldn’t walk away from these.

Such a cute little heel (a bit worse for wear… I really should have the heel thingy replaced) and an almost turned up, slightly elvish toe.

And since of course I always refer to these, in my head anyway, as ballet shoes, my best ballet pose!

Cue Sugar Plum Fairy music!



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12 responses to “SHOESday: Laces!

  1. kim

    You really are the shoe maven. Why is it I imagine your closet to look like Oprah’s?

  2. Oh cute as buttons. How wonderful! I love everything about them. You have the ankles to pull it off. I would look wide in them, I think.

  3. Em

    There’s just something about lace-up shoes that’s fun. They are reminiscent of ballet shoes, though I’m not sure ballerinas could do quite so much with those heels…

  4. I’m struck dumb as usual by your shoes. I can see why you love them!

  5. So pretty – I had some flat glove leather lace ups – red of course, that looked a bit like highland dancing shoes – and a pair of red satin ones a bit like those with a red low wedge heel – I miss them still – your shoes made me all nostalgic – are you SURE you’re not me?

  6. Oh they are just stunningly gorgeous! Off you go to ballet practice, twinkle toes!!

  7. They are seriously cute shoes. I love the rounded toes and I agree with bells, you have the ankles to wear them gracefully. Since I dislocated my ankle, nothing looks graceful about it. I actually wore heels last winter and was in pain for quite a while. I will be trying again this winter because I have some great ankle boots that I just love.

  8. del

    I’ve never seen shoes quite like those. How cool! I love that little elfin toe.

  9. Fabulous! These are your Parisienne shoes, no? [That photo from the Sart, remember?]PS: If you’re taking requests for next week, please consider the Prada pair from David Jones. đŸ™‚

  10. You do have some cool shoes, dude!

  11. Do you have a wardrobe just for shoes? What is the ratio of red shoes to other colours? These are my kind of shoes, easy to run in and comfie and stylish all in one.

  12. cute and glad they came home with you!

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