SHOESday: New Shoes!

Well, I’m not sure how long it’s been since I had a new pair of shoes – I think I may have held out since New York (so that’s January – wow – that’s big for me!) but I couldn’t resist these little shiners.

I know mirror finish silver shoes are going to be “out” in about 5 minutes (if they aren’t already) but these were so pretty and shiny and fun and they are just what I needed.And their upper shape is reminiscent of my lovely leopards (I still can’t believe that shoe shape hasn’t been more widely copied/inspired by). And they have a cute shaped heel, and bonus spare heel cap thingys (attention to detail – very good!)Best of all, they make me smile when I wear them – I’m wearing them today!


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14 responses to “SHOESday: New Shoes!

  1. I’ve been waiting all week since you told me you bought new shoes and they do NOT disappoint. So shiny and pretty and pointy and glamorous!!Can you see your face in them when you look down?

  2. Guess what?? I tried them on! [And proceeded to almost fall flat on my face – something about that point!] They look lovely on you.

  3. Ha! Bells – too funny. I can only see my face in them (somewhat distorted) if I hold the shoe right up to my face!!! (clearly while NOT on my foot – I am not that bendy!)

  4. So lovely – nothing like a pair of happy shoes!

  5. Happy happy shiny shiny joy joy

  6. Oooh, pretty shiny things. They make me smile too!

  7. are you kidding, mirror finish shoes are *never* out. matter of fact i have my call in to anna wintour now so she can verify this in her next editors letter.seriously those are some gorgeous shoes! and i’m very happy for you. matter of fact i feel superior right this minute knowing my friend owns these shoes. ;)enjoy them!

  8. Wow! Shiny shoes! They will be so lovely with a posh frock.

  9. del

    Note to self: Must book flight to Australia & raid RoseRed’s closet while she’s sleeping. LOL.Those are GORGEOUS!!! I love silver shoes with all black outfits. I don’t care if they go out of style, to me, they’re always “in”.

  10. I’ve tagged you on my blog to do an 8 random things list

  11. Oooh, so shiny and pointy!! Gorgeous!

  12. Very pretty! (But you wouldn’t want to see what *I* am wearing today… Yikes.)

  13. I think you and I could very well be shoe opposites! Did you see my Tuesday shoes? Haha!Your shoes are amazing. They remind me of the tin man from The Wizard of Oz!Be careful wearing skirts, we wouldn’t want people seeing your undies reflected in your shoes!!!

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