Sewing rocks!

Sewing rocks! Or, at least, it would for me if I actually knew how to do it, beyond the most basic of basics! Thank goodness for a clever machine with fancy do-dads (omg, did I really just use the term “do-dads”??!!)

My first sewing aim was to see if I could make a sock project bag, like the ones I’d been previously gifted by Jody. Even though I started out with a piece of fabric about the same size as the bags I have, I didn’t quite end up with a bag the same size (seam allowances, who needs ’em hey!!).

But still, an end product which is freestanding: Fits yarn and sock in progress quite neatly:And best of all, has a buttonhole:A buttonhole – an automatic buttonhole! The only thing the buttonhole foot doesn’t do is cut the actual hole for the button. OMG I love my sewing machine!!



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19 responses to “Sewing rocks!

  1. oh well done RR! Very good! I’m impressed because I can’t even do stuff with do-dads!

  2. kms

    oooh look at that! looks to me like you know what you’re doing. mmmm, sock project bag…MUCH better than a ziplock, very noice 🙂

  3. OMG – look at your straight lines!jealous…

  4. How gorgeous – I am so impressed! and a buttonhole! and freestanding!!

  5. Fabulous – yay for do-dads! And clever-socks you, working out that pattern. I love free-standing!

  6. kim

    Your bag looks great! Why do I find sewing so intimidating? Maybe after I’ve let my sewing machine “settle” for a year, I will also attempt to use it! Love the Poms as well!

  7. cute bag! and yeah you for the buttonhole. sewing machines and i have broken up for good, so i’m impressed.

  8. I half expected to see a Rose Red Bag. You are very very Clever. Good for you.

  9. Wow, well done! That’s a great first effort, useful and everything 🙂 Gotta love an automatic buttonhole thingy!

  10. And you thought your yarn stash was big – now you get to have a fabric stash too. Welcome to the fold…get it? Ha I crack myself up.By the way use of the word do-dads probably indicates you’ve spent too much time with Ms Bendi (Shazmina that is).

  11. That is great and you did a button hole! I like the fabric too.

  12. Your project bag looks great, have fun discovering all the things your machine can do. Fabric stashing is as addictive as yarn stashing though!

  13. yey! your bag looks really great. woo hoo for the button hole!

  14. del

    How cute! I love the buttonhole–it looks so neat.

  15. OMG – I love your sewing machine too! What kind is it? I’ve never seen one that comes with all the feet! That’s so great – I want one!You did a fabulous job with the bag! Your buttonhole is much nicer than mine. Careful tho – they’re very addictive you’ll have one in every size imaginable before you know it!

  16. I can’t believe how straight your seams are!! [That’s my one sewing requirement – straight seams. If the seams are crooked, in the bin it goes…]

  17. I meant lines. Straight lines. [Seams?]

  18. Wow. That is wicked impressive. That buttonhole! Wow-sa!

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