Some Poma-t love

I flashed a sneak preview of the Pom progress yesterday (did you see??). I’ve been working away on the Poms and things got a whole lot quicker when I weighed the yarn after finishing the second repeat on the leg.

Hmmm, only 75g left…I’d better skip the 3rd repeat and get straight onto the heel flap, or I’ll run out of yarn (must remember to put digital crack scale on my Christmas wish list!)

(Yippee!!) I do think 2 repeats is probably enough. I like my socks a little longer (not a fan of knitted ankle socks for myself) so if I’d had enough yarn I probably would have done all the repeats, but I’m happy with this length (I wouldn’t go any shorter!)I was really happy with my picking up of stitches for the gussets – such a neat chain edge on the inside (if I do say so myself!)And the heel flap and gussets look so good from the outside too.I’ve got about half a repeat to go on the foot and then it’s the toe! Squeeeeeeeee! Now I just have to decide whether I will do the second sock in the Pom pattern…or if I’ll do a complementary sock (am thinking Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern by Nancy Bush…what do you think – should I do a matching Pom pair, or a matching but not matching pair with one Pom and one Shell?)



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18 responses to “Some Poma-t love

  1. kms

    considering i have just turned into the biggest sock slut EVER, i am all for mixing it up! this one looks gorgeous by the way.

  2. You know what I think – go a different one! But your POM is delicious.

  3. Oh, I dare you to do one Pom/one Shell! [I wouldn’t be game…]

  4. Em

    It would be such a unique pair of socks, to complement but not match each other. I’m all for it, but then, I may not be a good authority, as I wear socks that don’t match all the time.

  5. Oh oh, torn….! I am torn. I don’t know which to choose. i want to see you do two because I think it would be most satisfying. But I admire people who can do two different socks so much. So brave!you know, I wonder if you start doing the two different socks thing, will you always want to do it and never again make a complete pair?Honestly though, they look fantastic.And no I didn’t see the other post. Google reader is being a bastard today.

  6. amy

    Like I said over at SSS, I don’t think I could do two different socks with the same yarn, but I think it’s such a cool idea! Alas. I am anal. But I admire those who can free themselves of sox constraints.

  7. Oooh so pretty! Go on, do it, do it, knit an odd pair!!

  8. Yeah do two different ones. Cause you can’t lose that way. If you love them as is, PERFECT. If not, you can always knit each sock a mate. :o)

  9. Looking really good – I can’t even comment on not knitting a matching sock though – will the universe survive?!

  10. del

    Oooo, the idea of mixing it up is really clever! I’m simply impressed that you’ve gotten this far on Pom…I’ve heard it’s hard.

  11. Beautiful knitting. No you have to do matching socks, the thought of a lonely sock fills me with horror!!!!!

  12. I’m with Amy on this one. I don’t think I could do two different socks even if they were the same color. I would feel like everyone was looking at my feet (and not in an admiring way) and laughing at my mismatched socks. I love the color and that is a pattern I have wanted to try but haven’t pulled up the courage for. Yet.

  13. I think it would depend on whether you enjoyed knitting the Pomatomuses (si?) or not… The color is great, though!

  14. I’ve been wanting a pair of those. Just haven’t started them yet. They look quite lovey in that color. I’d have to have a matching pair but 2 different socks is appealing to me too!

  15. digital crack scale – you crack me up. :)my vote – non matching.

  16. The sock is looking fab-u-lous! As to the matching/non-matching debate… I think either would work. Listen to your knitterly heart. It knows what it wants.

  17. I love the idea of same yarn/different patterns so much that I’m going to pretend I invented it when my friends notice my odd socks…..hehehehehehe, your knitting (and your shoes!) rocks!

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