SHOESday: New Shoes Pt 2

(or, I liked them so much I bought them twice, Pt 1)

My shoe twin recently bought a pair of shoes recently which were just fab – fun and summery and inexpensive (weeeeeeeeeeee!). She was kind enough to share the shoe love and told me where she got them. I didn’t get to the store until last weekend. Where I was most happy to discover the shoes were 50% off. Plus another 15% off that!

And so into the shopping bag they went:

And since they also came in black, and were less than half price, there was no need to chose between them:So now I can mix and match – if I chose – which I guess I won’t…because that’s like, the first step to crazy cat-lady-dom or something.Now if only this sudden cold snap would clear up, I could wear them..although which colour? Red or black, red or black, red or black?



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19 responses to “SHOESday: New Shoes Pt 2

  1. Ooo-la-la! Those look like summery fun! And I like the way you think, getting one in each color – and perhaps wearing one in each color, too. Maybe.

  2. oh look at those! You know, first of all I thought they were pink – they definitely look pink on my screen and I thought, hang about, RoseRed wouldn’t EVER wear pink….but a closer inspection showed really they are a deeper, richer, more red colour.So very pretty. This is on instance where I think polka dots are acceptable.Please tell me where you bought them?

  3. Ann

    A girl can never resist more shoes – they are lovely!

  4. amy

    I TOTALLY would mix and match. Definitely. My brother used to wear Chuck Taylor sneakers, two different colors, in high school. Make people think twice about you, you know? Maybe you ARE a little nuts. Maybe they should just back off. Could be useful!

  5. Oh – I know how hard the choosing was – so glad you didn’t have to! Aren’t they fun! Well done you – getting them on even more sale!

  6. he he he! Wear one red, and one black I DARE YOU!!!tres chic!

  7. I think Shoesday has become my favourite day of the week. Your shoes are always gorgeous and make me want to buy more, I lurve, luv, love shoes!!! And my vote is to wear the RED!! (black is lovely too)

  8. Gee, someone beat me to it. I was gonna dare you too! You’ll just have to post a picture of the mixed pair ON your feet!

  9. They certainly make you feel like spring is in the air.Good for you for buying one in each colour not that you need encouragement when it comes to buying shoes or buying anything!

  10. del

    How to choose?? Those shoes–red & black–are absolutely adorable!

  11. As I sit here with my warm, handknit socks on, those make my feet cold. But they are so wonderful for spring! I hope it gets warm soon for you to wear them. It’s hard to have great, new shoes and have to wait to wear them.

  12. Love the black!! [I live in cork wedges during the summer.]

  13. Oh they are very swish, love ’em! What a treat to be able to get two pairs 😀

  14. kim

    Oooh, polka dots! Love them both. How is a girl to decide?

  15. Em

    I have such shoe envy! I think I will live vicariously through you and your summer shoes, as I have been forced to relegate my favorite heels to the closet. New Jersey finally decided, in the span of one full day, that it’s definitely autumn, and the weather’s acting accordingly for once. The shoes are fabulous, polka dots are so pretty!

  16. Absolutely fabulous! Wow.

  17. It is SO unfair that we only have a puny Country Tar-Zhay with its half an aisle of shoes [ mostly thongs and trainers ]pout pout whine

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