I am very lucky

I am very lucky, I pretty much feel it every day, but things like birthdays bring it home – especially when packages are received in the mail, some anticipated (some people cannot keep secrets!!) and some not. But all a lovely surprise.

So package one, from my friend Miss J, arrived last week (love an extended birthday week!). Some squishy soft Patonyle yarn in a really interesting grey colour – sometimes shades or tones of brown, sometimes almost lilac, it’s just a really pretty grey. (And isn’t the wrapping paper pretty).
And wrapped separately, a wooden shawl pin and unusual clip thing (the black sort of 3 leaf clover shaped thing in top right of picture). I figured it was a sort of shawl clasp thing, to go with the pin. But try all I might, I couldn’t work out how to get the pin through two of the holes, so that it would all stay together. So I asked Miss J who laughingly told me the clip thing is a button! I’m such an idiot sometimes!! And I love the card: Make cakes not war!

Package two, from the lovely Bells. Yummy sounding tea (Stockholm Blend), a tea scoop (cool!), More Sensational Knitted Socks (check out those stranded ones on the cover. And the faux entrelac ones!), and last of all and most fabulously, a skein of Lisa Souza Sock! in Garnet.
I just couldn’t get a good picture of the colour – it’s redder than this but also deep and dark. And squooshy and yummy! I had it near my desk all day at work and gave it a little squeeze each time I walked past!
Package three, a big surprise when I got home from work yesterday, from lovely Donni! Red shawl and shoes calendar (am I easy to buy for or what!!) (although, not according to my husband, hmmm, why’s that?!)
Yes, I am very lucky.



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11 responses to “I am very lucky

  1. oh you are so very deserving of such wonderful stuff and yes, you are delightfully easy to buy for (except for books – big challenge! but hey, I like a challenge).

  2. You deserve all of those lovely things… Enjoy!

  3. amy

    Wonderful, good people attract other wonderful, good people, who share loveliness all around. So, not so much luck as karma, I’d say.

  4. How lovely to have been so spolit. I get excited when people remember to email or ring me on my birthday, let alone ever receiving a card or parcel in the mail. Enjoy.

  5. del

    Lucky indeed. How wonderful. You deserve it!

  6. How lucky and yet deserving !!! Hope you did have a wonderful time!

  7. I had a friend whose birthday was at the end of Nov and since mine is in the beginning, we used to celebrate all month. We took ourselves out to dinners and movies and bought small gifts for each other every week of the month. We fell out of touch but it is a lovely memory. What nice gifts you got!

  8. Such lovely goodies! And, happy birthday!

  9. Phew, I nearly bought that calendar to add to your tea pot cosy loot bag.Guess that just makes more room for something else! So glad I keep stalking so I won’t double up on anything 🙂

  10. Happy belated birthday! And what a lovely lot of loot you got!

  11. happy belated birthday girl!

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