Beau for my beau

I had last Friday off work and was thinking about what to knit, andI decided that I really should finish sewing up husby’s Beau jumper. I had only to sew on the second sleeve, plus do the side and sleeve seam and the buttons, and that was it. It had been sitting waiting for me to do just that for a couple of weeks – but you know, it had been too hot, no need to wear a jumper any more, so no rush. With cooler weather, a weekend away (with the prospect of a photo shoot in Bowral and of the course the recreation of the photo in the book), and my birthday, I decided I’d finish it so husby could have a present on my birthday as well.(If only you could have been there to hear husby worrying about getting a wet bum from sitting on the ground…he’s such a manly man!)

And even though the weather warmed up a bit too much on the weekend for him to wear it much (not that I’m complaining, mind), he did wear it for a while, as we were zooming through the Southern Highlands with the top down on the car and the wind whipping through our hair!


Pattern: Beau by Kim Hargraves from Rowan’s Vintage Knits. No modifications to this pattern at all – except to knit husby’s initials at the bottom of the left front side of the jumper. It didn’t turn out quite as clearly as I’d hoped, but husby still pretty impressed with his totally personalised jumper!

Yarn: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in Thorny – just over 7 x 100g balls – managed to pick up the yarn from Janette’s on eBay, just after it had been discontinued. It feels slightly harsh when knitting but softens so beautifully after washing, and drapes so fabulously. Husby was surprised at how light it felt.

Sticks: As usual, up a stick size – 4.5mm for the rib, 5.5mm for the body and sleeves. Used Addi Turbos.

Time: 25 March – 9 November 2007 (although I did actually finish the knitting in about September…just the sewing up that takes the time for me!)(if you look closely, you’ll also notice he is wearing the first pair of socks I ever knitted!)

What I learnt: This is a very simple knit, so not much by way of techniques. But I did learn that this yarn is a b*tch to seam with – keeps breaking. As I am no doubt quite naughty and use my ends to sew up, it meant lots of breakages. So eventually I learnt that I had to sew in my ends and use new yarn for the seaming – ahhh, much better!


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22 responses to “Beau for my beau

  1. amy

    lovely! I haven’t knit anything of that scope for my beau. good thing he doesn’t peruse the knitting blogs and find out how badly he’s treated…

  2. Oh it’s magnificent. He looks so handsome in it and it’s just a great look for him. I really, really like it and half inclined to make one for Sean. I’ve been after the elusive perfect project for him for so long and am very, very inspired by this. LOVE the photo shoot. It’s just wonderful!

  3. How lovely! I’d love to knit the Accountant a jumper – but what’s the point – he never wears them – and remember we live in Tasmania!

  4. kim

    It’s gorgeous! And what sport your man is for modeling like champ! That is surely a sweater he’ll have for a long time, and I just love the way you personalized it. Bravo!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I also meant to say that putting his initials in it is really lovely. I bet he appreciated that.

  7. Lovely work RR, it looks fabulous! And v-e-r-y nice photo shoot too 😉

  8. Very handsome, the sweater and husby! I love tweed and his initials in it is awesome.

  9. That’s one fabulous jumper!! Love the colour, texture, tweed. Well done!

  10. Rose Red, that’s just lovely. Have it on my knit list for 2008.

  11. looks great – lucky man!

  12. Just as well my husband doesn’t read knitting blogs, or he’d be dragging out his old black & gray holiday sweater and asking me to reproduce it!Beau came out famously, very classy!

  13. What a lovely thing to give hubby a gift on your birthday. And what a great gift. It looks wonderful. Good job there!

  14. Looks like the bum stayed dry! (And the sweater ain’t bad either!) 😉

  15. Very inspiring, great modelling H!Almost like he was inspired by your retro knitting patterns. I was actually hoping for cool weather last weekend for you so your gifting would be just right.

  16. Em

    What a gorgeous sweater/jumper! I’ll bet the hubby loves it and was tickled to get a gift for your birthday. Careful, you might start a new tradition! How awesome that you even knitted his initials in, what a lovely detail to add.

  17. Well done on the husbi’s jumper! I really like the pattern, and the tweedy look of the yarn.

  18. del

    WOW! What a gorgeous jumper you knitted up for husby. It’s really lovely. The color is just perfect. Great job!!

  19. great job! it looks very good on him. and very manly. 🙂

  20. Aaah, you’re a good wife. Mr BDK will never see anything like that from me – not even socks! That said, I’m knitting the brooklyntweed jumper for my dad’s Xmas present…

  21. Ann

    The jumper looks great & he must be so proud to be wearing it!

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