Miss F’s crochet bag

A popular crafting item for me, this bag. I’ve now made 4 of them, with another one planned for Christmas for one of my nieces. This one is for Miss F, and was finished with about half an hour to spare last Sunday, before the gifting of it at dinner on Sunday night.

Bamboo Handle Bag from Candi Jensen’s Hooked on Crochet.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cathay, 3x50g balls (exactly!) in purple (col 12012) (the colour in the closeup below is quite true to life). This is a lovely soft yarn, a cotton/silk/ack blend. A bit splitty, but somehow this doesn’t bother me too much. Would quite like to knit something very drapey using this.

Hook: 4mm metal
Modifications: I made the bag wider than the pattern calls for (63 chain stitches rather than 49) and didn’t add the macrame tassle thingy on the bottom. I’d quite like to, but if made the right length to balance the bag, it would probably drag on the ground.

Time: 6 November – 18 November 2007. Love the quickness of crochet!


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12 responses to “Miss F’s crochet bag

  1. As one of the lucky recipients of said 4 bags, I can confirm they are tops! I use my lovely red one all the time, and I love it all the more because of the time you spent making it for me.Jilly x

  2. amy

    Oh, that is the cutest thing. Is it lined? Every time I see a bag pattern, I hesitate, because of the lining involved. I managed to sew a zipper into a knitted thing, but it seems like a lining takes quite a bit more skill than I have.

  3. Thanks Amy! It’s not lined, but it will be (I didn’t have time before gifting it!). I’m just going to sew a simple square lining on the machine, and then handsew it into the bag (and my sewing skills are rudimentary at best!)

  4. It is beautiful and was a big surprise. I could figure out what the circles showing through the wrapping paper were. Then I unwrapped it in all its gorgeousness. Beautifully soft.Tickled purple.

  5. kim

    What a great bag; it almost makes me wish I crocheted.

  6. Ann

    Lovely bag & love the color. Wish I could crochet which seems to be quicker but I think I better stick to knitting.

  7. Very pretty bag! I love the texture that crochet makes…

  8. Love this! I wonder how a crochet zakka pouch bottom would look…

  9. It certainly was a beautiful bag to behold (and hold). But you didn’t mention the equally wonderful pumpkin ravioli with butter and sage! Or your husby’s delicious calf-on-a-stick!

  10. Phew – good work making the deadline! I can see why you’ve made several of these – very nice.

  11. Beautiful bag and very inspiring, I have been working on my rainbow one as a result. Still a while to go but it was great to see the result from an expert! If you added the tassles Miss F may never be off crutches as it would give her an added obstacle to trip over apart from the gutter.

  12. oh it’s lovely. I’m so keen to make one of these. I’m feeling the crochet urge….Great colour!

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