SHOESday: Anticipation

I wasn’t feeling too inspired about a theme for this week – which shoes would I chose to celebrate SHOESday today??

I had a pair in mind. But then I looked down at the dress I wore to work yesterday (which I was still wearing at the time) and inspiration struck!

And for you, anticipation…what’s in the individual shoe shoebags??

Here’s a hint (well, there was a good chance they’d be heels, yes?!)But not just black shoes. No, not just another pair of black shoes. I love these shoes. Love them – feel like I’m just a little bit Chanel in these. Not sure why I haven’t worn them for a while but am wearing them today. Weeeeeeeeeeee! Like an old friend.



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13 responses to “SHOESday: Anticipation

  1. oooh! Such sublime elegance. Yes, I can see the chanel thing happening. You really do set of ankle straps beautifully!

  2. LOVE!!! [I hope you’ve scotch-guarded that white toe today.]

  3. Oh very glam and elegant – makes me thing Audrey and 50s chic.

  4. amy

    I am so impressed you can walk in those!! I think they’re great. I also think I could NEVER pull them off. (I’d be sprawled out with a twisted ankle in about two minutes flat!)

  5. kim

    I’m with Amy, I fall off clogs. Those are beautiful shoes.

  6. Oh beautiful – so Chanel and even a little Jackie Kennedy – lovely!

  7. I was worried for you at the mention of wearing them today in the rain. Having said that I have worn my flatties which are seude. Gorgeous shoes would love to see the frock that you wear with them!

  8. I at 15 pairs and counting – how many more will you flash and how come you can still walk in all those high heels. Cow. Me want them all.

  9. You have lovely shoes and feet to put in them. I am not jealous … my feet are wide and I can’t walk in heels, not jealous at all ….!!!

  10. [dryly]One day I’ll put up my black rubber pig boots on Shoesday. 🙂

  11. del

    Oh, those are very Chanel. Lovely, lovely.

  12. Those heels look fairly comfortable with that wedge heel. I can wear wedges, although since I hurt my ankle, if I wear heels one day, I spend the next 3 days in flats. It’s a trade off. I love these.

  13. GORGEOUS shoes and the ankle strap is quite sexy!

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