The dreaded C word

So, in the last week or so, it has finally dawned on me that, yes, Christmas is coming. Not sure why this is such a surprise to me, as, you know, it happens the same time every year. Clearly I am in denial. Now, earlier in the year, I pretty much decided I wasn’t going to do much in the way of Christmas knitting this year. And, I am going to stick to that – more or less…

Except for my MIL’s socks:

(Lacy Mock Cable socks in Colinette Jitterbug, 3mm dpns. Hopefully won’t run out of yarn…)

And a dishcloth or two, for one (or more) of my sisters-in-law (I have 6 of them – SIL, not dishcloths) (thinking about it, not sure why I’d give them to my SIL and not my brothers or brothers-in-law…or even my nephews/nieces. Maybe will give them to the boys instead…):

Plus another of these crochet bags, for my niece, which I’ve promised for some time (although since I haven’t started it yet, completion by Christmas is not looking overly promising…)

And one or two other things – maybe…


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15 responses to “The dreaded C word

  1. oh I love the colours you’ve chosen for both of these. Just lovely. As of tomorrow, it’s officially December. My God. Where has the year gone??

  2. Love love love the socks – Jitterbug is so squidgy and the colours are so fabulous. Great colourway you have there.

  3. kim

    I’m with you. I’m in total denial. I have not started shopping, nor do I know what to get anyone. Maybe it will just go away…Lovely socks.

  4. amy

    Oh, I’m exactly the same! No, no Christmas knitting, I said. After all, I’m making everyone blank books! With my boys’ paintings as covers! And crocheting wire bracelets! That’s enough…except, I decided to make my nieces hats. And the little ones mittens. And maybe a skinny Clapotis scarf for my brother’s girlfriend, if she seems the type to wear it once I meet her tomorrow. And some felted stuffed balls for the baby. And…and…and….

  5. Love the subtle colors of the socks. And the dishcloths look nice and “scrubby”.Scary, the timestamps show it is now December in your part of the world! Where did the year go!

  6. The socks look nice, don’t get too bogged down with christmas knitting!

  7. I’m only knitting a Habu jacket for my mum! Dad’s kniiting will have to wait for his birthday [March]. Everyone else is getting Habu kits that they can knit themselves! Nora

  8. Yup the blakc hole fo the christmas knit! I’m only doing a little xmzs knitting – promise!

  9. too funny i was just thinking about you and thinking i hadn’t heard you say anything about christmas.i like nora’s idea. habu kits for all.

  10. del

    Nothing beats dishcloths for quick & simple. I have aunts who treat my knitted dishcloths like they’re made of cashmere, lol. Good luck with the Christmas knitting that you said you weren’t going to do!

  11. Hahahaha! So much for no Christmas gift knitting, huh? (It’s so hard not to, isn’t it?)

  12. I really like ‘mock cables’ and that one is really pretty! I see that discloth design often I am gonna have to knit one too.

  13. Hey RR,I’m glad I’m not the only one racing to the Christmas project finishing line!! Where has this year gone???Love the colours for the dishcloths, I might try one of those soon, or maybe after chrissie hehehehe

  14. Ann

    Love the colors of your dishcloth. Thank goodness I am only knitting dishcloths for Christmas or else I will be in a stage of panic.

  15. Very nice knitting projects. Lucky MIL and BILs and a lovely idea to make a crochetted bag for your niece. I had every intention of making dolls, but hey it is manic at present so in survival mode. Have a couple of Christmas projects which are very necessary like youngest daughters santa sack so tempted to go and buy one, but feel guilty at the same time.

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