Me: Oh you lovely little chocolate animal-wombat-thingy, you are so cute, I could just eat you up!

Choc animal-wombat-thingy: Ouch!



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12 responses to “Yum!

  1. Ah now that’s what I needed on my grumpy Monday morning. A giggle!! You started with his bottom first. I always stop to think with edible aniamals – head or bottom first? Is that weird?

  2. amy

    Yum indeed. Is that truffly inside?Bells–head first, so they don’t feel any more pain. Or maybe legs first, so they can’t get away…

  3. Amy

    Cute AND tasty! Like Bells, I also overthink which part of the chocolate animal to bite first…

  4. kms

    i eat my caramello kiolas from the ears down but a wombat butt is just asking for it!!

  5. aaaah cute and delicious – what more could you ask for???

  6. You Aussies have all the fun stuff! Bum first, though… now that’s interesting.

  7. Hope you’re all leaving us a crumb of wombat bum!

  8. Em

    That may be the cutest chocolate animal I’ve ever seen! I usually eat the legs first, and then the torso. Unless it’s a gummy bear, then I pull their appendages off and mix and match them and then eat them. It’s not cruelty, they’re only sugar…*look around for people in peta outfits*

  9. kim

    That is so darn adorable!

  10. What is it???????Nora

  11. Those wombats are delicious. Did you get it from DJ’s?

  12. Looked yummy for any special occasion? or just because you were shopping and thought I want to try one of those. Or just why not. I wouldn’t even think about where to start I would just gobble it up!

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